Cleaning up the wardrobe is discussing with yourself. By doing it we, not only tidy and clean up our clothes, we also do it for the sake of healthy surrounding. We are a part of it. If it is a mess, it will automatically show up in your appearance and therefore – in your life.

If you happen to have done it more than a year ago for the last time, believe me, it is strongly recommended to do it as soon as possible.

I will give you few advises here. I am applying those tips when I tidy up my wardrobe and those of my clients.

I divided the process in 3 parts: preparation, selection and arraying:



Be alone.
Open the window and let the air come in.
Be calm and in silence or put a very slow music.
Prepare baskets or boxes (depending of the size of your wardrobe or available space). You will pack away your clothes in these.
Get yourself a bottle of water or tea or coffee.
Free 3 hours of time for this, maybe a bit more depending of the workload.
Get a rag to clean up dusty parts of your wardrobe and drawers.


Keep anyone next to you. Your mom, friends, siblings will always find a reason for you to keep something.
Listen to news or any informative show that will draw your attention to something else.

When you got yourself comfy and ready, we pass on the second part which is Selection!



Get ALL your items out on a bed or carpet (KonMari method) 

Make 3 piles of items:

  1. Rubbish
  2. Gift or recycling
  3. Keep

Throw away every piece of clothes that you didn’t wear for more than a year.

It is very important to take each piece in your hands, so it can produce a feeling. Use that feeling for best selection.
For example: The skirt that you are having between your hands, reminds you of some bad situation or event, you can be assured that you must get rid of it. On the other hand, all those things that give you joy and positive emotions, keep them without thinking.

This is the best possible method that will help you select when in big doubt (keep or not to keep?).

Important: Since you should put on you ONLY things that make you feel happy, it is extremely important to before big cleaning-up you put all your clothes from the house on one pile.
If in the middle of your action, you find out that there is a jacket hanging in the hallway, you should throw it away.
It is clearly something you do not care about since you FORGOT IT.

For every piece in your hands, ask yourself the following:

  1. Did you put it all the time?
  2. Is the size still adapted to your body?
  3. Would you wear it NOW? Literally, if you are not ready to put it on and go out in it NOW, you will never wear it.

Get rid of everything that is ripped-off, torn, has holes or stains, is deformed or has a strange smell that doesn’t go off. YOU DESERVE BETTER!

Once that all those hard decisions have been taken, get to the 3rd part.


Arraying / tidying up

If you are terribly missing space in your flat, you better select clothes by season. If it is summer time, get the winter clothes under the bed into plastic boxes and the other way around on the next season.

Putting everything in order:



If you have enough space, use the above categories to organize your wardrobe, boxes, drawers

For example:

One part of the wardrobe for the jackets, coats etc
Second for pants, shirts, skirts, dresses
Drawers for socks and underwear
Boxes for handbags
Drawer for your sleeping items

Don’t forget to put the same color together. It will make your life easier. Choose the same hangers, thinner ones. Often, they take too much space and the bigger ones are made for big items such as jackets and coats anyway. There are also others for kids, scarfs, ties etc. Use them wisely.

Hangers should be all facing the same side. One piece of clothes per hanger please!
Be careful on how you pile on tanks, tops, T-shirts, sweaters etc. Try to get the same length, narrow one, to save space and it will also look nicer.
You can also use the ROLL-UP technique. Get the rolled-up items, by color order horizontally in the drawer or the box and it will save you a massive space in the wardrobe.

Make sure your shoes are clean and tidy.

Behave yourself with your clothes, it is a part of you and it is your face and character that you get out with every day. It has to smell good, be clean and stainless.

I hope that this topic helped you and gave you motivation to put some order in your life.

A story from my experience:
I left a job where I didn’t feel quite well. Few weeks later, I was still feeling heavy and had a foggy mind. I therefore opened a small wardrobe that served me as a “work clothes wardrobe” because I had to follow a specific dress code. I thought, there are some negative energies affecting me from there, so I applied the above method and I threw almost everything away. Gosh I felt better. I was finally free and ready to face new challenges.

From time to time, don’t forget to tidy-up in your life as well ?