When it comes to your social life and human interactions, your looks are very important.

Either in your private or work life, our looks show the outside world who we are and through the looks we send the outside world different messages about us.

I prepared 7 tips that you need to pay intention to in order to achieve best possible style at work:

  1. Know the values of your company:

It is your job to understand how your company whats their employees to represent it. Financial sector for example, would prefer you to wear serious clothes that will reassure customers like suits, ties and more classic clothing. On the other side, a web design company wants you to be casual and more relaxed in order to show its customers your creativity and originality.


  1. Is there a dress-code at all?

If your company gives you uniform, this is the easiest and the cheapest version which is great. However, make sure that your accessories and make-up/nails perfectly match your uniform. The make-up needs to be simple/nude and also your nails.

If you have to buy your clothes but follow the companies dress-code, it is a more expensive and more complicated version.

The third option is that there is no dress-code and you can literally wear whatever you like. Please, be careful with this because you still want to show you in best possible manner!


  1. Respect the dress-code and the company structure:

Make sure you choose outfits that best represent your personality and your style. It is tremendous that it follows your body line and that the clothes are in your size.

For example:

For men: Classic suites and white shirt

For women: Black dress and the blazer with well-marked waist.

All this depends, of course, on your work place.


  1. Choose the right colour:

For best combinations and matching possibilities, most of the time choose neutral colours.

Basic colours: black, white, grey and brown.

Other nice colours to combine in your work style which are easy to combine with basic ones: yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green.

Look around you. Check what your colleague wear and what are your company’s colours for inspiration (interior or logo etc).


  1. Hairstyle:

Classic is fantastic. What is important here is that the hair is healthy, tidy, shiny and that it’s colour matches your skin colour. Invest in a good hairstylist that will once tell you what your best options are.

Keep your hair far away from strong contrasts in highlights and too original hairstyles. Just keep it simple. Choose the hairstyle and colour that matches your skin colour and personality.


  1. Make-up:

Put a minimum of make-up. The few make-up products that you use must be of a good quality. Nude lipstick, skin colour lipstick and lip gloss. A little bit of blush for the fresh look and a mascara will do just fine together with a good foundation (please ask the professional make-up artist for best choice).

Don’t forget nice hands and nails. The colours, again, must be simple and discreet.


  1. Accessories:

For women: this is the perfect occasion to wear scarfs around your neck! So classy. There are not very expensive and give you a fab look at work without any other accessory.

Do not wear too many rings and necklaces. A small, slim watch would do just fine. Get the one that best matches your personality. I would, for example, advice the one that looks like a bracelet. It looks so chic.

For men: the best option for you is to wear a nice watch or a belt that enhance your shoes.


My DON’Ts:

Snickers, ripped off jeans, sweatshirts and hoodies.

Tights must be in a perfect shape otherwise just take them off (no holes!).

Cover your tattoos. Most of the time, this is no big deal but still, you have to make sure you can show them.

Take off your piercings from visible places (for example from your face). This also depends on your work place.

Men socks: choose black or the colour of your suit.

Never wear clothes that you are not comfortable in.

The size of your underwear and clothes must be YOUR SIZE. You do not want to look like a quizzed sausage or that something fells down off you while you are in the meeting room.

Throw your chewing gum before your shift. It is so unprofessional.


From my previous explenations you already understood that at work you have to strive for looks that are simple and descreet most of the time.

Of course, these are just few „rules“ to be followed. I hate to say it, but nowadays, we really have to stick to them if we want to progress and represent ourself and a company in a best possible way in front of most people.

Whatever you do, be yourself (with little modifications when needed).

When you reflect on the outside what is outside, half job is done!


P.S. Smile and be polite. We only live once.


Sincerely yours,




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