Dear all,

I had a great pleasure making this list for you. I named it “the wardrobe basics”. With those components you will be well prepared to confront any life situation or event.

These are MUST HAVES also because you will spend a lot less time getting ready and will be able to choose outfits that are best combined in a given situation. The same when it comes to combining with more complicated and extravagant pieces of clothes that we adore.

The first and the most important are COLORS:

BASIC COLORS: black, white, grey, brown and beige.

Do you know what are colors that are the best fit for you? If you don’t, I can make a color analysis for you.

The wardrobe basics:

  1. T-shirts: white, black, grey, brown, beige, blue with white strips, with dots, but also red and/or yellow
  2. Black sweater with fine wool, thin and soft for your skin and not too warm to avoid sweating
  3. Shirts: white, rose, light and dark blue, grey, black
  4. Black blazer with classic cut and this is a must have especially for business women
  5. Black or brown leather jacket
  6. Trench coat for mid-seasons in beige or black color
  7. Denim jacket
  8. Jeans classic cut
  9. Elegant black trousers made of a fluffy and comfy material
  10. Classic skirt that is matching your body line
  11. Black classic dress that perfectly fits your shape but that’s not too tight
  12. Jewelry: watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings
  13. Scarfs for women & ties, hats for men
  14. Leather glows for cold weathers
  15. Classic belts in any color
  16. Black tights (no skin color one)
  17. Hand bag. You must invest in a good quality leather one, anything else looks bad and is terrible for your overall style
  18. Sun glasses
  19. Shoes: pair of sporty sneakers and a pair of a casual, chic sneakers for all occasions,
    Add to this: Black boots, good sandals and simple moccasins with small or high hills in black or beige color

When you choose these must haves best friends from the wardrobe, always choose quality materials that last long time and are easy to maintain in a good shape. Remember that this is NOT the time to chase good deals because you will change them less often than other clothes.

Good choices are: cotton, silk, linen, wool.

NEVER buy synthetic fabric especially for shirts and T-shirts. You don’t want to smell like a male goat or look cheap. People just know when the person is well dressed or not.

Invest your money where needed and you will be serene on a long term.

So, what are you still missing from the above list? Take a time, prepare the budget and the list of boutiques to visit and complete the job!