This is a minimalist project that consists of the idea of ​​reorganizing your wardrobe. Namely, this method helps to get as few clothes as possible into as many combinations as possible. Every 3 months we choose 33 pieces of clothing.

We have 4 seasons (summer, spring, autumn, winter), we select 33 pieces of clothes every season and combine them.

What is included in 33 pieces of clothing: trousers, jackets, briefcases, blouses, shoes.

These 33 pieces of dressing should not include: underwear, sports clothes, socks and jewelry.

What do you get with this technique:
– Save time and money
– Quality (instead of quantity)
– Combinations that you choose easily for every occasion

How will you organize and determine 33 pieces of clothing:

1. Phase COLOR
We choose between black and dark blue (what is best for you?)
We add maximum base colors: white, beige, gray.
We add cheerful colors that look well on us: pink, red, green.

If you do not know what your colors are, schedule the appointment with me and you will know once and forever that your colors are making you look fabulous.

So we choose pants, jackets, blouses, shoes and bags.

3. Phase change every 3 months (every season)
For every season change, we look what we didn’t wear and choose 33 pieces for the next 3 months (next season).

If you can not start with 33 pieces of clothing in the beginning, start with 50 for each season and reduce this number progressively until you reach 33. It is important to remove pieces that you do not use at all.

This method is the most beneficial for women who buy a lot, those who do not know what to buy and those who have “nothing to wear”.
Women who want to save time can freely use this method as it will totally help them in terms of speed of choice because they have all the combinations in front of their eyes.

For more tips or clarifications, contact me and I will be happy to answer.

Faithfully yours,


Overweight people also have a silhouette! They have “critical areas” like many other people who have or do not have weight problems. These areas are usually: waist, hips, buttocks, legs, arms.

In this blog, I will create a list for you to consult when you “dress to impress” or when you do your shopping.
The most important thing is to stop hiding behind huge clothes: dresses, pants, jackets, tunics. You are already big, you do not want to look bigger or wider. The second element is also an important statement. If you are big, it does not necessarily mean that you are ugly and do not underestimate the power to “take care of yourself,” which includes, among other things: caring for your skin, nourishing your hands , feet and face with creams and oils and at all times have the healthy, shinny and clean hair.

In most cases IT IS ONLY YOU who thinks that something will not fit you because of your weight. After all, we can not all be identical and look alike. In fact, the truth is that perfection does not exist. As you are already used to this blog, I have again made a list of things to keep in mind:

1. Choose casual, floating, fine materials that will make you feel comfortable. This will give you the willpower to continue in a positive direction and to encourage you to take better care of yourself.
2. Dress up according to your figure.
3. Choose monochrome colors (colors in the same tones), not only black colors, but also lighter ones. Of course, if you like to wear bright, strong colors, dare, but make sure that the eyes of people around you are attracted to the upper body, specifically to the head. For example, wearing a blouse or a T-shirt with a bright color and wearing over it an open shirt or jacket or tunic that will visually lengthen your figure and contribute to avoid the boring look but again, cover only what you do not want not highlight. Think “vertical”.
4. Be careful with over sized sleeves that will look too long for you. If you have beautiful, thin arms or legs, expose them and choose shorter skirts and pants. Show off body parts that highlight what you like about you. Show off your beautiful hands by wearing short sleeves.
5. When wearing jewelry, bags, belts, choose pieces of your size (bigger ones). With larger pieces, you will get harmony in the overall look. Smaller pieces will have the opposite-effect. For example, if you have thicker fingers, choose larger than the average rings (only one is often enough).
6. Shoes: Avoid ballet shoes and small moccasins because they are visually unsuitable for your larger body.
7. Scarves are great allies of your beautiful image. Choose some pieces with beautiful colors and lightweight materials that will put your eyes and face under the lights. This will push people to immediately have a more positive impression of you. The scarf is a sophisticated accessory, especially during meetings or in business environments.
8. Items with lines are highly desirable but only vertical ones. Horizontal lines will shorten you visually.
9. For the upper parts of your figure, choose jackets and shirts with rounded bottom ends, with U-shaped cut to the side. They will stretch you, especially your legs.
10. Find a good tailor who will shorten and arrange your clothes, if necessary. It always looks visually nicer when something “fits like a glove”. It’s a big fashion truth. These corrections are usually not expensive, so it’s worth doing it regularly.
11. A little trick: the shoulder pads are used to enhance your look, to give it a plumb and accentuate the figure. If you put them on your jackets and blazers, this will immediately expose your face and hair. Buy a pair and use them whenever needed.
12. Your underwear must be perfectly adapted to your size! Go to a store that sells these items exclusively and find your size with the help of an expert hand (sellers in these stores are usually trained for this type of advice).Unfortunately, we do not have many stores that sell larger sizes: X, XL, XXL, but you can still buy online. Many brands are gradually making more large items.

Again: stop hiding behind the dark, wide clothes. Each person is beautiful in their own way and this is especially true for women. We are predestined to cultivate physical beauty. The size has nothing to do with it. A woman who cares for herself can not look “unpleasant” for others.

But the fact is, there will always be malicious people. It has nothing to do with you anymore. Enjoy taking care of yourself and your loved ones and make your life beautiful and bright.

I hope, as always, that this article helped you.
If you have any questions, please send me an email from the homepage of the site and I will be happy to answer.

With love,