Dear readers,

This is the second part of the previous blog explaining the colors and why they are important for your overall image.

I will explain how you determine the appropriate colors according to your skin – colorimetry. Of course, this is a global and theoretical explanation that can’t be used without the appropriate tools and qualified professional. My goal is to introduce you to this analysis, as well as explaining to you how the image consulting and more precisely, in this blog, how colorimetry work.

We usually start with a consultation that includes colorimetry and lasts from 1h to 1h30. These minutes include: the introduction, a brief explanation of colors, draping (professional name to determine the appropriate colors using scarfs to put undernith your face and with other parameters come to conclusion of what are your personal colors).

At the end of the consultation you get your complete file with your color shades and explanations, as well as the color scheme. All this is included in the price of the service “colorimetry”.

Consultancy prices depend of the consultant and where the analysis is done.

When it comes to colorimetry, it’s very important to determine if your skin is of a cool or warm tone.

People whose skin is in cool tone contain blue and pink hue and the second group, which belongs to the warm tone of the skin include the golden orange hue.

When we determine skin tone or temperature (cool or warm), the next important step is a type (intensity) of color that enchases our skin in the best possible way. This is the time when we use scarves and we will do several combinations to find the right ones for you. Some will contribute in showing all your irregularities on the skin and with others, you will shine bright like a diamond. I love this part!

In this section, we also have important division for the seasons: winter (ice, clear), year (pastel, sweet), spring (bright, clean) and autumn (rich, deep). In the end, we will also determine the color of the hair and the color of the client’s eyes.

On Youtube you can find some explanations on the functioning of these analyzes, but you can not determine your own color palette on the Internet, because you need both equipment and the qualified person in order to be successful. Inevitably.

Of course, whatever type of person we belong to, we can all wear a red color, but it’s a question of intensity and type that suits YOU best. This is a key analysis. Like a cherry on the cake.

The colors autumn and spring are less contrasting than the colors of summer and winter. For example, I am a cool type, winter shades and my colors are: white, beige, dark grey, espresso brown, black, night blue…

Each person has his own skin hue, its hair, its eyes that we can not change. There are a million possible combinations. So how can we, by ourselves, know which colors in particular suits to us?

After this session, you will know YOUR personal colors for make-up, accessories, clothing, shoes, etc.

With the color chart that you get at the end of the analysis, you get a sample of about thirty basic colors that will serve as a base to choose a range of colors among billions, that will make you irresistible any time of the day and in every situation.

It is very important that we work in the day light and not under artificial lighting that produces a scenic and cheap effect.

Example: Look at how stars look like with a ton of make-up on TV, they look all polished on TV, and when you see them in person, they are not even close to what they look like on TV. They have big teams preparing them to go in front of the cameras, why not have that one person that will take care of your image for your everyday life? After all, the most of our time in life, we spend in our natural “state”.

To sum up: our skin will look tired, yellow or blue and if, like many, you have dots, scars and pimples on your face, you can only expose them wearing unapproved colors.

When we analyze the tone, you will not wear make-up, glasses nor accessories. Clothes and hair are covered with a white fabric, so there would be no other color that could misleads us when we make color choices.

My dearests, write me if you want to know more about my work and how we can work together to work your image. I will be happy to answer your questions.

Be careful when you get advice!