In previous articles, I wrote a lot about women’s style, and in this blog, I will focus on the man style AT LAST. I work with you too. Welcome to my blog.

By this occasion, we will talk about your costume, how to choose it and what to pay attention to.

First of all, the question arises as to when you choose your costume, is it a business suit or you want to look spotless at a party or event? To be in perfect harmony with your style, pay attention to the following:

Set a budget that you are willing to spend on this costume. The higher the budget, the better the quality will be.

Always focus your choice on natural material that allow you to have a better maintenance option and be able to reuse the pieces of it later. A good quality material doesn’t retain bad smells, wrinkles less and fall better.

The shoes and the belt must be the same color.

The handkerchief is chosen in relation to the jacket or shirt and not to the suit.


When choosing your jacket, it is very important that the size of the epaulets is perfectly adapted to your constitution, because you will look like someone who stole his suit in a smaller or larger  version than the one that really suits you. To be sure of your choice, make the shoulder pads slightly beyond the end of the shoulder, which allows to achieve an elegant appearance.

When you get up, always close the jacket and leave the bottom button open. Thus, when you sit, the buttons must be open (you can discreetly open them when you approach the chair).

The choice of jacket type depends on which body constitutions you have. There are jackets with two, three or six (cross buttons) buttons.


It is important to wear your vest close to the body, the last button is always opened and the vest covers your belt, a little.


As for the pants, you can choose one that is classic with the fold along the legs or without the fold.

The length of the pants is also important and it must not exceed the heel of the shoe. The edges must have only one fold. I do not recommend short men to fold hems.


The color of the socks must always be darker than the suit and the length has to reach the knee, so that the skin is in no way visible. To have a style means to look great but also to feel free and comfortable.


It’s up to you to choose the quality and the color of your shirt. However, if your costume is patterned, the shirt should have only one color and vice versa. It is also important that the last button of the shirt is opened. The shirt should always be put in pants. The cuffs of the shirt should be longer then the ends of the jacket by 1-1.5 cm. The collar should also be in harmony with the length of your neck.


The pattern and color are chosen according to the size and the color of the costume. It is important that the tie is tied in such manner so that its end touches the belt strap.

The tie pin must be in the width of the tie. Be careful not to put too many accessories, as this may seem inappropriate and unattractive. So you can for example use a pin (which is used to hold a tie to the shirt) or a handkerchief but not everything at the same time.

The overall appearance should not show more than 3 colors.

When wearing a business suit, always choose the basic colors: black, brown, navy blue, dark gray. With this appearance, you will have a serious appearance that inspires reliability.

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