Dear readers,
Summer is here very soon and we are all still a little sleepy.

The sunny weather arrives and with it the floral smells, the pastel and lively colors with the new inspirations. We will recharge the batteries for the holidays and prepare the body and mind for next winter!

Here in Switzerland it is already sunny and I have an irresistible desire to make you a list of MUST HAVES this spring-summer 2019 to refresh your appearance while keeping trendy.

Spring / summer 2019 colors:

– The warm desert tones (orange, red, terracotta, burnt)
– The shades way sorbet (pink, light purple, green power)
– Ultra-vitamin tones (yellow, green, blur, pink)
– The whitened neutrals, up to the delicately faded hues, with glossy finishes
– Beige
– Grey
– Bluish

The essential color of this next season is LIVING CORAL. This color combines easily with black, navy blue, pink and red.

The 2019 prints

– The wild animal trend remains very actual
– The Arty: art well incorporated in fashion, for eg. in maxi cut patterns, recomposed in the manner of a collage, or abstract all over and always colorful
– The spirit scarf thousand drawings
– Stripes with optical effects small or big, it’s up to you
– Graphic Blooms: the flowers put forward everywhere on the skirts

Trends to adopt as quickly as possible:

– 80’s fever- keeled shoulders, inflated or rounded sleeves. These pieces represent the strong and powerful woman, while remaining simple and chic.
– The ethnic trend for men and women
– The bohemian look for ladies and gentlemen

The materials to touch and wear are:

– Fluid
– Natural bases
– Privilege to relaxed and refined
– Mesh net big cotton guipure, fishnet lace.
– The brilliance
– The outdoor tech and hologram effect
– Metallic and glittery moments for the unforgettable evenings
– Plasticized materials gelled to the wet appearance
– The artisanal finishes: fringed, frayed, ropes.

The coins to bet on this summer 2019

– The fluorinated or metallized windbreaker short or long parka light version,
– The jacket 80s, a bit too big
– The long blazer
– The maxi sweatshirt 90s
– Mesh net in tunic sweater and / or dress
– The top with braces
– The floral dress asymmetrical length
– The dress in graphic stripes game
– Asymmetric long striped fluid skirt
– The trapeze midi skirt, buttoned or not, plain or printed
– Carrot and high waist neo-utility trousers
– The combination pants in chic version less utility
– Washed jeans bleached to white
– In emergency, the cycling shorts, to wear concealed under a dress: it will replace the leggings

What we keep from last summer 2018

– For overcoats: the fluid trench mi-length, the blazer, the denim jacket 90’s version XXL
– Top: oversize boyfriend shirt, logo sweatshirt, 90s cropped tops (t-shirt, sweatshirt, shirt)
– Bottom: high waist, belted and 7 / 8th long trousers, high waist mom style wide leg jeans, leggings, a little wide neo-jogging at the bottom and asymmetrical draped skirt
– Utility or printed jumpsuit
– The bohemian long dress or unstructured asymmetrical
– The body and the fishnet tights
– Small bag
– The shoes: the tap with logo, the neo-biker boots, sock shoes, the white boot, Les santiagas, and the white

You are more and more numerous to read my advices and I am delighted to communicate them to you through this blog.
This summer makes me so excited and confident about the future, so let’s share these creative energies and make life full of miracles as it comes, season by season.

Call me to make your image – a shining star.

Yours truly,
Oli Geneva