My dear ones, big heat is already here. + 35 ° C in the last 4 weeks and you do not know how to, what materials and colors to wear?
As always, I’m here to help you.

First of all, when these high temperatures are at their peak moments, we have to drink a lot of water, so that our body and our skin are sufficiently hydrated.
Do not wear tight clothes in this period, as it is uncomfortable and inappropriate for several reasons, so we are even more heated and sweat is quickly visible.

If it’s hard for you to get dressed in the morning before your daily routine starts, and you work in the office for example so you have to follow the business dress code, here are some tips:

The most important thing is to have the right materials, colors and adequate footwear. It’s also important to cover your head (when outdoors) with hats, caps, or scarves, and to protect your eyes with sunglasses. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring another unparalleled accessory, a bonus for your refined style, the FAN. I see more and more umbrellas for the sunshine in various colors, so if you are up for it, hey – why not!


Choose lightweight and cooling materials, natural fibers, such as:

1. Flax and cotton: During hot summer days, these two natural materials are the best choices! They absorb sweat well and allow circulation of air between your skin and clothing and your body does not overheat. These materials also prevent unpleasant odors for those with sweating problems.

2. Viscose: it’s synthetic silk-like material, it breathes very well like cotton, it’s light and it falls pretty and it looks nice. This summer, dresses and skirts are fashionable and you can find them in every boutique.

3. Silk: natural material. It absorbs moisture well, it cools down, flies, it’s pleasant … Silk does not absorb sweat and it’s very quickly visible that you are sweating. It’s unacceptable for a lady or a gentleman – so be careful with silk! It is best for scarves, wide shirts in colors that do not reveal sweaty parts of the body.. and don’t forget dresses. This year bell pants are very fashionable. Silk cools the body well. You can use it for bed summer linens. SO CHIC! It’s so luxurious, it keeps shape and stays elegant.

4. Jersey: This is a knitted material and also absorbs well so that we can choose for dresses and skirts and blouses from this material. It is very pleasant to carry at high summer temperatures.

I love these four materials and wear them all the time, perhaps exclusively. The quality of linen and cotton, as well as silk, is important, so I always repeat that you should invest more money in quality and basic pieces of clothing.

Be sure to wash them in the washing machine, there are certain programs for washing cotton and flax and special ones for silk. For these materials, I only recommend a liquid detergent, and you can often manually wash some sensitive pieces like silk blouses and scares. If you can afford dry cleaning, opt for this whenever possible.

Material 100% cotton is one of the most sensitive when it is washed and if it is washed to an inadequate temperature, for these peaces the likelihood of deformation is high. Cotton creases easily.

Wash: cotton at 40 ° C, Viscose at 40 ° C, Flax at 30 ° C, Jersey at 30 °.

Before trimming the labels on the clothes, check the washing instructions.

Silk and viscose can be very easy to wash manually, while they are still wet, hung them on the shelves or just spread out on a basket of smooth surfaces. It dries quickly. It is best to shake them lightly before drying.

Materials that I recommend to be avoided in the heat:

Jeans, although this year’s jeans are fashionable, I would not recommend you in these fever because it quickly heats the body and the body reaches high temperatures, unnecessarily. If you really need to wear something out of jeans, opt for short skirts or jars.
Polyester does not absorb perspiration and produces a very unpleasant odor if you sweat a lot
Cordoroy is good for the winter – not for the summer
Nylon anything is NO – you will burn even more of your beautiful, but overheated body
Wool because it keeps the heat of the body

Just as important materials are in the heat, the color is just as important and not just the ones related to the current fashion trends.
Avoid the dark colors: black, brown, blue, olive and choose brighter colors such as white, yellow, pink, blue and coral colors are a good choice for this year.

Before you get out of the house, put the cream on your hands, legs and all uncovered surfaces of the body, especially if you have sensitive skin, select the higher UV protection (np 50+).

You do not have to use perfumes because it can be quite aggressive for the sense of smell. Fresh Cologne water is enough.

When it comes to shoes, pay attention to your feet, especially the heels part and nails area. In the summer, it is advisable to take particular care of the skin on our feet.

Choose sandals, slippers (which are very fashionable this season), tissue shoes, canvas shoes, ballet, etc …

Avoid high heels because you can injure your feet especially if you suffer from swollen feet and sweating.

Save the fine baskets this summer instead of handbags. It’s a great deal at both the sea and the city, and you can actually put literally everything you need inside, especially if you are planning some after the work activities.

For jewelry choose more discreet pieces AND you can add a bracelet on your ankle this summer.

Write me which topics you want to read about in the near future. I am happy to share my knowledge with others because sharing is caring ?

With love,
Oli Geneva