Recently, a friend of my sister asked me how to dress properly to go to church and look modern.
As with any other occasion, this outfit must be carefully selected.
As I read her message, a clear picture of a woman in a long skirt or below her knees, a covered arm and a headscarf on her hair was already in my head.
When my grandmother was alive, she was almost always wearing scarves and she was particularly beautiful on that occasion when she went to church. These scarves were always clean,
scented and nicely stacked on the tray. She also had special skirts and blouses. I can still smell naphthalene and lavender emanating from her dresser.
Of course, these are just a few ideas – from my point of view. I am very curious to know what you think. Write me, I will read with joy.

Thus, in the Temple, there is a well-defined dress code, already well known for men and women.
Unfortunately, this is hardly mentioned anywhere. Sometimes we are told that someone has not been allowed to go into the Temple because of inappropriate clothing.
These rules are clear in Russian and Greek temples. We will see the Russians and Greeks covered, modest and well covered pray.
This is not always the case here.
First, we leave clean at the temple. Body and hair should be an introduction to the preparation of this spiritual work that we are going to work on.
A perfume is not used. Discrete makeup is allowed but without lipstick. Clothing should be clean and ironed.
It is above all a part of the work on yourself and the concern for yourself. Take the time and make the effort necessary for this ritual.
I am, for example, in favor of my grandmother’s method, that this outfit must be ceremonial and specially selected for this occasion. After all, we do not go to the Temple every day to work our soul and our spirit, do not we?


Women must be decent, which means they look modest and discreet. No clothing should be transparent or reveal parts of the body, including hair.
Choose closed type shoes. The colors should be discreet, but of course, choose the ones you like.
Here are some examples of outfits I selected for you:

1. Long skirt or under the knee. Tights 20 DIM or more
If you do not like skirts, choose a wider pants (skirt pants)


2. Long dresses. Complete the outfit with a sleeveless dress with a bolero or sweater
3. Blouses without cleavage, be careful not to be transparent
4. Silk or corona shirts

5. I would also add sweaters
6. Scarves, turbans, etc. It is important to cover the hair

7. Closed shoes – ballerinas, court shoes, mary jane, T-strap shoes, orsay shoes, trotter, court shoes.
Boots – boots, boots.


8. Handbags can be worn according to your fashion preferences and I suggest handbags, reduced sizes and discreet colors (envelope handbag, bamboo handle, accordion bag, box bag)
9. Jewelry is not necessary and you do not wear sunglasses, even if you are a celebrity or you have dark circles.

The phone should be off. We do not shake hands or speak in the church. We are here to work exclusively on our spirituality and strengthen our faith.

If you have a form of celebration: weddings or baptisms, where part of the ceremony takes place in the temple, adjust the attire accordingly.
and change later in short skirts, discover your arms, the cleavage, put on lipstick, etc. It is inappropriate to come dressed in this disrespectful manner in the Temple.


To be dressed, shaved, clean and sprinkled.
Do not wear shorts, sweatshirts, shirts or short sleeves, caps, hats, slippers, sandals and sneakers. Do not wear sunglasses and your phones should be put in silent mode.

Choose a suit, a shirt with long sleeves. Ties are also welcome, if you want to complete the top look.


Of course, choose to look elegant and decent.
You represent your family!


Your assets are not outside: knitting the hair, put gold or dress various dresses, but: a warm human hidden with a decorationintacte de votre esprit calme; (1 Peter 3: 1-5, Bible-sacred).

I hope that I have awakened your imagination and that you have more willingness to work on your appearance to go to church, as you do when you go to a municipality, a college or the court.

Tell me your inspirations.