Ever since I was little, I was interested in fashion and style. My dolls were my models for whom I used to draw and make clothes but in much developed way ! I would stick a piece of tissue next to the piece of clothes to indicate which material should be used and what kind of shoes will match. It would almost look like Burda or Look Book.
Soon after, I was already taking care of my friends and family style.

Beside a business and biotechnology diplomas, there is over 15 years of work experience behind me, in fashion, decoration and luxury watches industry. After I finally got my “Image Expert Diploma”, I went with the flow and jumped on the opportunity to officially start doing what I adore. My motivation is bigger every day. I share it with everybody around me and now have a pleasure to share it with you.

When you ask me if you should buy that dress or not, I am always there to show you WHICH ONE!

I am strong, open-minded, active, modern and ready to adapt to any change that life throws at me.

I am mom of a girl that is sharing a passion for creation with me.