Color, quality, time, shopping, budget … everything is important if you want to have a quality and pleasant base for your wardrobe – the basis of your style.

Throw away worn, torn objects that have lost their color, too small and too loose.

Color is very important. Choose colors according to your season and wear your own color scheme when shopping.

The quality of the clothing materials is very important. Always choose quality, it will last a long time and you will look good in all circumstances.

Hygiene, a healthy life and a neat appearance is the presentation of your personality and / or your person.

If you need help to redo your wardrobe, determine your season (colorimetry) and your color palette, or simply to assist you during your shopping sessions, contact me and we will make an analysis that will make you happy 🙂

List of basic items for a complete male wardrobe:

1. Sports pants
2. Jeans (blue, gray and black)
3. Tailor: pants and jacket (dark blue, gray or black)

If you need to be more dressed at work, make sure you have several costumes and change by season, never stay without a suit in these cases.
The bright colors on your color chart are the best choice and you can easily combine them.

4. Vest: the necessary piece for stylish men, which you can wear with a suit or jeans (for the bravest).
5. Leather jacket (black, brown). It’s up to you.
6. Denim jacket.
7. A warm winter jacket of your choice.
8. Coat (darker color).
9. Summer jacket (more vivid colors).
10. Sweaters must always be of good quality because they can be seen immediately when they are not (in the wrong way). Buy different colors in coll V or U.
11. Buy t-shirts regularly and have more colors and different cuts.
12. Shirts: white, light blue, light gray, with or without patterns. The basic wardrobe must have at least 4.
13. Short sleeve shirts, if you want 🙂
14. Short for the summer
15. Shoes: black and brown or gray MANDATORY COLORS
16. Sports shoes
17. Shoes: for a casual everyday variant
18. High shoes (boots) for the winter
19. Moccasins (flat shoes) of your choice.
20. Colorful socks, short and long. If you’re wearing the costumes, it’s important that you do not see the skin when sitting down
21. Belts (at least two pieces, of different colors)
22. Bags: a backpack and a work bag
23. Make sure the ties are of good quality and opt for a colored and a monochrome
24. Scarf (scarves or scarves) in all possible variants, will make excellent accessories in any season
25. Hat, caps, etc.
26. Jewelery: a sports watch and another classier one (finer) that will fit perfectly with the costume
27. Leather gloves – excellent quality.
28. Underwear. Kelvin Clein really does phenomenal underwear, find out! The quality here is most important.
29. Perfume

The list is long but you already have a half of it, surely. If you change everything, proceed slowly to replace the items in the list. All in order to replace with quality things. Once you have all these basic pieces and you know your colors, the seasons will change and you will appreciate the image you send around you!

Dear men, let me know if you have any ideas or if you want me to write things on this free blog.

Best wishes in this beautiful winter season.

Happy Holidays.

Oli Geneva