This time, I’m going to talk about 10 essentials for the makeup bag, that you apply every day as a basic makeup. This makeup is also enough for the evening options, just add an intense color eye shadow.

Today I share my list with you that will help you purchase the makeup you will always need and is basic. Of course, there are many variations, but this time we will concentrate solely on the base.


Number 1. Makeup Brushes

Choose high quality brushes with synthetic hair rather than natural brushes as it is unnecessary and we do not support mistreatment of animals.

Of course, you can always buy all 13 basic makeup brushes.

The brush numbers are: 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21, 30, 31. Get wooden eyebrow sticks as well. All make-up brands offer them.

My 3 essential brushes:

For application of liquid foundation, for eye shadows and for application of the powder.


Number 2. Liquid foundation

Liquid foundation conceals many irregularities on the face (pimples, wrinkles, scars, dark areas). With it, we blur the complexion and achieve the appearance of smooth skin.

It is important to choose the right color relative to our skin (yellow or pink pigment), and the right texture (liquid, creamy, compact so-called hard powder and so on).


Number 3. Concealer

The concealer hides dark areas on the face (between the eyes, the corners of the lips and nose, on the chin and around the eyes).

The concealer is applied after the foundation.


Number 4. Powder 

Powder has the function of fixing a previously applied foundation to keep the complexion perfect for as long as possible and to avoid the well-known appearance of oily skin.

You can buy transparent powder powder (N ° 0) or choose according to your skin color (if you use pink pigment liquid foundation, the powder should be the same color or traslucent). Also, choose between compact or free powder but which is dry and oil free.


Number 5. Eyebrow Pencil

Brows are VERY important on the face for highlighting the eyes. It is important that you draw them nicely (use a stick to measure your eyebrows for size and symmetry) if you do not want to draw them at all, you can tattoo them, it is important that they are nicely filled and neat.

I definitely recommend drawing eyebrows permanently, but in that case, choose the right masters in your area and do not risk going to amateurs as well as those who use dubious colors and drawing methods.

I also have an eyebrow tattoo with the microblading technique. If you would like to hear my experience, please let me know what you want to know and I will write a full story in an honest and straight forward manner.


Number 6. Eye shadows

With eye shadow, we emphasize the shape and color of our eyes. We all know that eyes are a mirror of the soul and therefore they are very important.

Today we have a large selection of eye shadows everywhere. I advise you to choose according to your season (cold or hot colors).

It’s also important here to know your season: winter, fall, spring or summer.


Number 7. Eyeliner or pen khôl

This pen helps to highlight the eye and is an indispensable base of lashes that we need to draw before applying mascara. It is up to you to choose the color and intensity.


Number 8. Mascara

Don’t leave the house without mascara!

In order for our makeup to be on top, we must complete it by applying mascara. It is up to you to choose which one suits you best (waterproof or not, feature, black or brown).


Number 9. Lipstick

The point here is to mention that light colors or glosses enhance lips and dark and mat colors reduce lips. Select as desired. Always bring the lipstick with you in the morning to apply during the day.


Number 10. Blush 

To get a fresh face, this is the last stage of a well-applied makeup.


Of course, there is a lot more in makeup (highlighter, complexion, fixer, etc.), but I have selected 10 essentials for you to look flawless.

I am a supporter of non-offensive makeup because, my dear ones, it is more important to be natural and happy. Makeup is only there to make us a little more beautiful and give us the extra self-esteem.

We first of all need to work on ourselves and put the focus on the self-care.


With love,

Oli Geneva