Understanding non-verbal communication or synergology is not easy. You have to be able to decode the message that your interlocutor sends without using speech. Whether he is inundating you with words or being more discreet, his gestures are important. It conveys important information.

The liar

He will tend to hide his face. His nostrils will quiver slightly.
He will blink faster.
His eyes will fix a point to the right. He searches his imagination for elements to invent and fuel the discussion.
His right shoulder will move, but his head will remain fixed.
He will scratch his left nostril.
He will wear a forced smile.
His body will be more rigid, as if to defend himself against aggression.
He will usually have his arms crossed and his legs slightly open.
The person who lies will also betray himself by clearing his throat or hesitating sometimes.
A slight trembling of the voice, barely perceptible, can also unmask it.

The honest

On the contrary, the person who speaks candidly will lean slightly towards you, bust forward, in a more relaxed manner.
His pupils will generally be dilated.
His smile will be warm.
His legs and arms, uncrossed.

The uncomfortable

When the other person is uncomfortable in front of you, they tend to clear their throat more often, avoiding looking at you.
The laugh is nervous and jerky.
Sitting firmly in the chair, the person taps the table with the finger, plays with a pencil or fiddles with the clothes.

The comfortable guy

He will lean forward slightly or put his hands on his thighs.
He will sit on the edge of the chair and nod his head regularly in approval.
He will play with a lock of hair.
A frank look and vivid facial expressions will demonstrate his interest.

The confident

Standing, he will adopt an upright position, facing you, often with his hands behind his back.
He will have his head held high and you will notice his attention in his gaze.
If he’s seated, he’ll assume a position three-quarters of the way from your outstretched legs, while leaning back slightly.
If he puts his hands behind his head, you can trust him. By his attitude, he will send you the same message.
A person in defensive mode
She tends to escape your gaze.
Look at his body: he is rigid, his hands are tight or his arms are crossed.
The person frequently lowers their head.
If she is sitting, her feet and / or ankles are crossed.
The person sometimes raises the tone slightly.
A bored or indifferent person
Either way, his gaze will be fixed and vague, without any real expression, and his eyes will not blink much.
Often times the person will rest their chin in the palm of their hand.
She will pat her fingers, or give little kicks, as if to chase away boredom.
She will cross her legs and you will have a hard time capturing her attention.

The aggressive

He furrows his eyebrows and supports your gaze, while his pupils are constricted.
His arms are stretched out.
If there is an object nearby, such as a table, he will pick it up.
He sometimes points his index finger or puts his hands on his hips.
It slowly but surely invades your personal space (between 30 and one meter, depending on the person).

The seductor

If this person sits three-quarters of the way from you, you should make initial contact without too much difficulty.
When you approach him, his eyes are smiling.
If the pupils dilate a little, go ahead. Start a conversation and invite her over for a drink, a coffee.
Okay, you’ve been together for over forty-five minutes. Observe these gestures carefully:
If you make the same gestures, take your drink simultaneously for example, you unconsciously feel certain affinities.
The smiles multiply.
One or the other will inevitably run their hand through their hair.
Then you will move closer, slowly, until you touch yourself.
Look at the base of his neck. If the interest turns sexual, small red marks will appear.

There is no second chance for the first impression.

Gestures have a precise meaning that we do not necessarily know.

Unconsciously, they can have a positive or negative impact on the relationships we have with our interlocutors. Also, knowing their secrets can help us improve and harmonize our image.

In fact, communication takes place through language, but also through small revealing gestures often taken unconsciously. More than half of the message you want to convey will come from your actions, your facial expressions and not your words. This type of communication relies on the eyes, of course, but also on body language in general.

To analyze your gestures and determine if they are positive and beneficial or, on the contrary, if it is better bodily, here is the meaning of the most common gestures:

1. Framing or holding his face with his hands, elbows on a table reveals a character, dreamy, imaginative, thoughtful or intuitive.
2. To bite your lips is the desire to seduce or to taste a dish.
3. Running the fingers over his lips refers to a stressful or manipulative character.
4. Crossing one’s arms signifies an easily influenced and sensitive character or detachment from conversation. Crossing your arms while holding your biceps reveals a need for protection.
5. Throwing your hair back is a sign of being opportunistic or narcissistic.
6. Wiggling her hair reveals a dreamy character or a sign of boredom.
7. Scratching the back of the head is a sign of doubt or mental calculation, and the sides of the head is sign of sadness or grief.
8. Scratching the right part of the forehead feels like wasting time, and the left part a character taking refuge in the imagination.
9. Supporting one’s face at chin level with the fingers or fist of the left hand corresponds to a nervous character, the same with the fingers or the fist of the right hand to a committed character.
10. Scratching the right side of the nose means misunderstanding, and the left side of the nose means questioning.
11. Rubbing the backs of the hands while talking is a sign of nervousness or lying.
12. Looking up while explaining something reveals a sense of discomfort or inventiveness.
13. Looking away from the other person corresponds to shyness or a feeling of discomfort.
14. Gesticulating hands while speaking reveals an expressive, theatrical, extroverted character.
15. Hiding his hands means a feeling of discomfort or secrecy.

Even those most experienced in non-verbal communication will not be able to hide these gestures which, sooner or later, will betray them. Observe your next caller carefully. He could reveal things to you that are unmentionable. Fascinating!

There is no second chance for a first impression.

Here you have worked on your look, color, style with your image consultant and you have determined this new look but how can you stay in this spirit of being happy and motivated to apply the new rules in the long term ?

To be in perfect harmony with your new look, the mission of the day is to boost your mood and your state of being.

Even if your new appearance helps you feel better and you are more confident, you will also have to adapt a lifestyle and behavior in accordance with your new look. This will make you feel stronger, more accomplished, and the gaze of others towards you will only be more admiring.

There are a few rules and tips to follow to harmonize your way of being and that your external image reflects your internal well-being.

  1. Even if everyday life brings its share of more or less serious problems, we must keep high. This positive attitude can only help to get out of these troubles more quickly.
  2. Be active and determined.
  3. If your day is fulfilled, you will avoid thinking about your worries. Get organized.
  4. Get into the good habit of getting up early, even if you can afford the opposite.
  5. Set goals every month: what to change, new challenges to undertake.
  6. Be aware of your current life and therefore act more effectively in the direction you want.

Once your mood is high, now we can work your look:

  1. Prefer bright colors, it gives you peps.
  2. Adopt the positive attitude by remaining Zen even if you are nervous, sad or tired. Ask yourself a minute, blow and smile while telling yourself that it will pass.
  3. Dress up on trend, or outgoing.
  4. Walk with your head high and back straight.
  5. Be proud of yourself and show off your pretty smile.
  6. Always showcase yourself by taking care of yourself, whatever day you start.
  7. Adopt the accessory attitude (habit), which completes your look and makes you unique.
  8. Always keep your own look and above all do not copy others. Get inspiration from others if necessary, but copying is prohibited

Little tip: Wear a slightly sweet or floral fragrance, depending on your preferences, because it will boost dopamine and serotonin. Go through with your goals.

My dearests,

This time I would like to take into consideration the importance of the hair care.
To look fabulous, it is clearly not enough to have a nice body and expensive clothes, but the tremendous difference between looking amazing and looking “cheap” – is the care you give to your skin and your hair.
When it comes to one person’s image, the visual moment is crucial (visual – image – makes sense). In general, we tend to look into a person’s head and more  precisely – in the eyes. So the hair that is a part of a visual moment of the head is the first thing we look into.

Just make it look like you are a person that takes care of the hair. In the following lines, I will try explaining and give you some tips to make sure your hair always looks spotless.
Hold on a moment, no, I am not a hairdresser but in my domain, we take particular care of this subject. It is truly unavoidable to look good.

1. Pick your best products:
– Always choose the quality
– Use products that feel good on your sking and hair (texture, smell, the feeling on the hair and the skin)
– Don’t listen to your friends, but ask for advice to your hairdresser , they can help in picking the right product for your hair type. No matter what, after the information gathering, make your decision alone because you will make the best choice since you know exactly what effects things or products have on you. And we are all different.

2. Hair washing:
Wash your hair as often as it is needed to have perfectly clean hair in ALL circumstances! Please, don’t go on an appointement with a greasy hair just because some people repeat that you shouldn’t overwash your hair. I am aginst this assertion because we live in a modern time. I wash my hair all day and I still have it. I take the most care of it and use only good products. It only depends on you how you look.

3. Hair care:
Use hair masks, once per week, either as a homecare or at your hairdresser’s. Gently massage the roots as often as you can because it stimulates the blood flow and overall, it feels like heaven. Never allow yourself to have dandruff, hair loss problems or itchy head skin. If this occurs, visit the dermatologist straight away.
Currently, my favorite mask is a white clay mask that is very easy to prepare and must stay on the hair only for 15-20 minutes. I recommend it and you can find them in any drugstore.

4. Hairdresser:
Visit it for a cut at least every 2 months for women and every one month for men. This is particulary important if dye your hair. Haircut must follow the shape of your face and your face traits and  features. A hair is a great ally in showing your best face parts.


Speak frankly and openly to your hair artist but be serious about the outcome that you want to achieve. Even if it is easy, don’t let the hairdresser decide for you, because she/he will choose according to THEIR taste. First, it is not at all easy to make that choice and secondly, after all, you will be the one to wear it and take care of it, so make sure you love it! Of course, use their precious advice to make the best choice.

It is crucial to be honest with them. Going to the haidressers is also a great therapy, giving you that fresh instant glow and shiny hair.

If you are looking to define the best color and the type of the haircut for you, I am at your disposal to work together on it. Relax, we are taking care of you 🙂


Oli Geneva

How will we work together on your new style?

In this blog we will approach the theme of style determination and what can you expect from me in the field of consulting in conception of image.

First and foremost is to emphasize that everyone has a (interesting) style. For some people, their style is very clear, while others have blockages because of their complexes or personal beliefs (due to the environment, habits, etc.).

Working on style can start from the age of 15 years. Before that, the style can’t be clearly defined, which is due to the shape of the body or the child’s priorities etc …
Everyone is born with a style that is inextricably linked to that person’s personality. Style has to be built and often changes over the years.

It is very important to acknowledge that if you buy expensive things, it does not necessarily mean that it is stylish and therefore you have a style. On the contrary, people often think that if they buy a branded wardrobe, the art of styling is over.

Nowadays, we face problem where people are watching and copying celebrities. Stars are our role models, but be aware that this way, you can loose your personal identity.

A proper treatment would be to get inspired by celebrities or buy some pieces but never copy everything! They are on scene and dressed very specifically because of the lights, scene image, the effects and the message they want to send out.

Now, what is an image? This is the overall appearance of one person: attitude, clothing, speech, silhouette, colors and motifs that she/he carries, hair, makeup, accessories etc.

Working on the image is to work on everything above for the sake of better representation of yourself, for the purpose of adapting the style of a person to a particular purpose.

If you feel that something is missing in your style or you literally do not know what your style is, let me know and I will be glad to help. How?
During our meeting, after getting to know you, you will have the opportunity to see that I work according to the method of 6 different images of women, and 5 images of men.

Women styles: extravagant, sporty, classical, feminine, natural and coquette.

Men styles: classical, adventurous, sporty, natural and aristocratic.

Thanks to the table-sheet that accurately determines the shape of your face and its parts, the shape of body parts, etc., we come to the conclusion of the leading style for you determined by your personality.
Of course, there may be more of them that are leading at once and they can also change depending on the period of your life.

Be original. Be yourself. Have your own style. Stand straight when you walk and lift your head, watch people straight in the eyes when talking or when you are shaking hands.

Remember that the weight, money, trends, etc., are factors that absolutely have no effect on whether you are a person of style. Be who you are deep inside, have fun getting ready and wear what you love.

Faithfully yours,


Dear future optimal shoppers,

The key of every successfully achieved job is PREPARATION. The same applies for the shopping that must be planned and carefully prepared especially if your budget is limited. Either you are doing it because of ongoing seasonal sales or special occasion, take a closer look on this serious mission because it involves several things: you invest your money, it is time-consuming and the clothes that you buy will be part of your life and environment for some time.

Most of the time we go shopping out of boredom, after work, quickly, while we are tired or nervous. Please, stop doing this without analyzing your wardrobe situation before.

The list that I prepared down here will help you avoid unwanted investment of money or time and the unsatisfied feeling about it.

  • First of all, when you go shopping, make sure you are in a good mood, you are rested and you have enough time to do it. I advise that you make sure you dispose of at least 3 hours of time. Take a bottle of water and make small breaks to clear out your thoughts.
  • Most important: make a list of clothes you truly need or at least the type of articles you are after.
  • Be alone or with a person that loves shopping and is honest and straight-forward when you ask for advice that, by the way, you value.
  • You should determine the area of action or make a list of shops you want to visit.
  • Your outfit should be light and easy to put on/take off to save time and nerfs in the cabin.
  • Be aware that your shoes are extremely important, so they allow you to feel comfy while your shopping takes more time then expected. After all, this is supposed to be a relaxing activity.
  • Set a budget for the day. Don’t take all your credit cards with you, it could be dangerous.
  • Never buy something only because it is cool, or because it looks nice on someone else or on the model. It is absolutely necessary that it suites YOU perfectly.
  • Always try on the clothes before you buy them. However, if for some reason this is not possible, make sure you know the return policy of the shop you are in. Again, you do not want to waist your time or money.
  • Have a look at your list from time to time. You know, the list. Don’t forget it.
  • Never buy something just because you like it and you don’t need it right now. This is the quickest way for overloading your wardrobe.


During the sales season, try to go shopping in the morning because the shops are tidy and you will have more choice.

This period is suitable to buy bigger and more expensive articles. For example:






These are the perfect periods to make this type of GOOD DEALS. These are the only exceptions to the previous rules.

For everything else, stick to the list above.

Have fun!



Cleaning up the wardrobe is discussing with yourself. By doing it we, not only tidy and clean up our clothes, we also do it for the sake of healthy surrounding. We are a part of it. If it is a mess, it will automatically show up in your appearance and therefore – in your life.

If you happen to have done it more than a year ago for the last time, believe me, it is strongly recommended to do it as soon as possible.

I will give you few advises here. I am applying those tips when I tidy up my wardrobe and those of my clients.

I divided the process in 3 parts: preparation, selection and arraying:



Be alone.
Open the window and let the air come in.
Be calm and in silence or put a very slow music.
Prepare baskets or boxes (depending of the size of your wardrobe or available space). You will pack away your clothes in these.
Get yourself a bottle of water or tea or coffee.
Free 3 hours of time for this, maybe a bit more depending of the workload.
Get a rag to clean up dusty parts of your wardrobe and drawers.


Keep anyone next to you. Your mom, friends, siblings will always find a reason for you to keep something.
Listen to news or any informative show that will draw your attention to something else.

When you got yourself comfy and ready, we pass on the second part which is Selection!



Get ALL your items out on a bed or carpet (KonMari method) 

Make 3 piles of items:

  1. Rubbish
  2. Gift or recycling
  3. Keep

Throw away every piece of clothes that you didn’t wear for more than a year.

It is very important to take each piece in your hands, so it can produce a feeling. Use that feeling for best selection.
For example: The skirt that you are having between your hands, reminds you of some bad situation or event, you can be assured that you must get rid of it. On the other hand, all those things that give you joy and positive emotions, keep them without thinking.

This is the best possible method that will help you select when in big doubt (keep or not to keep?).

Important: Since you should put on you ONLY things that make you feel happy, it is extremely important to before big cleaning-up you put all your clothes from the house on one pile.
If in the middle of your action, you find out that there is a jacket hanging in the hallway, you should throw it away.
It is clearly something you do not care about since you FORGOT IT.

For every piece in your hands, ask yourself the following:

  1. Did you put it all the time?
  2. Is the size still adapted to your body?
  3. Would you wear it NOW? Literally, if you are not ready to put it on and go out in it NOW, you will never wear it.

Get rid of everything that is ripped-off, torn, has holes or stains, is deformed or has a strange smell that doesn’t go off. YOU DESERVE BETTER!

Once that all those hard decisions have been taken, get to the 3rd part.


Arraying / tidying up

If you are terribly missing space in your flat, you better select clothes by season. If it is summer time, get the winter clothes under the bed into plastic boxes and the other way around on the next season.

Putting everything in order:



If you have enough space, use the above categories to organize your wardrobe, boxes, drawers

For example:

One part of the wardrobe for the jackets, coats etc
Second for pants, shirts, skirts, dresses
Drawers for socks and underwear
Boxes for handbags
Drawer for your sleeping items

Don’t forget to put the same color together. It will make your life easier. Choose the same hangers, thinner ones. Often, they take too much space and the bigger ones are made for big items such as jackets and coats anyway. There are also others for kids, scarfs, ties etc. Use them wisely.

Hangers should be all facing the same side. One piece of clothes per hanger please!
Be careful on how you pile on tanks, tops, T-shirts, sweaters etc. Try to get the same length, narrow one, to save space and it will also look nicer.
You can also use the ROLL-UP technique. Get the rolled-up items, by color order horizontally in the drawer or the box and it will save you a massive space in the wardrobe.

Make sure your shoes are clean and tidy.

Behave yourself with your clothes, it is a part of you and it is your face and character that you get out with every day. It has to smell good, be clean and stainless.

I hope that this topic helped you and gave you motivation to put some order in your life.

A story from my experience:
I left a job where I didn’t feel quite well. Few weeks later, I was still feeling heavy and had a foggy mind. I therefore opened a small wardrobe that served me as a “work clothes wardrobe” because I had to follow a specific dress code. I thought, there are some negative energies affecting me from there, so I applied the above method and I threw almost everything away. Gosh I felt better. I was finally free and ready to face new challenges.

From time to time, don’t forget to tidy-up in your life as well ?