Gestures have a precise meaning that we do not necessarily know.

Unconsciously, they can have a positive or negative impact on the relationships we have with our interlocutors. Also, knowing their secrets can help us improve and harmonize our image.

In fact, communication takes place through language, but also through small revealing gestures often taken unconsciously. More than half of the message you want to convey will come from your actions, your facial expressions and not your words. This type of communication relies on the eyes, of course, but also on body language in general.

To analyze your gestures and determine if they are positive and beneficial or, on the contrary, if it is better bodily, here is the meaning of the most common gestures:

1. Framing or holding his face with his hands, elbows on a table reveals a character, dreamy, imaginative, thoughtful or intuitive.
2. To bite your lips is the desire to seduce or to taste a dish.
3. Running the fingers over his lips refers to a stressful or manipulative character.
4. Crossing one’s arms signifies an easily influenced and sensitive character or detachment from conversation. Crossing your arms while holding your biceps reveals a need for protection.
5. Throwing your hair back is a sign of being opportunistic or narcissistic.
6. Wiggling her hair reveals a dreamy character or a sign of boredom.
7. Scratching the back of the head is a sign of doubt or mental calculation, and the sides of the head is sign of sadness or grief.
8. Scratching the right part of the forehead feels like wasting time, and the left part a character taking refuge in the imagination.
9. Supporting one’s face at chin level with the fingers or fist of the left hand corresponds to a nervous character, the same with the fingers or the fist of the right hand to a committed character.
10. Scratching the right side of the nose means misunderstanding, and the left side of the nose means questioning.
11. Rubbing the backs of the hands while talking is a sign of nervousness or lying.
12. Looking up while explaining something reveals a sense of discomfort or inventiveness.
13. Looking away from the other person corresponds to shyness or a feeling of discomfort.
14. Gesticulating hands while speaking reveals an expressive, theatrical, extroverted character.
15. Hiding his hands means a feeling of discomfort or secrecy.

Even those most experienced in non-verbal communication will not be able to hide these gestures which, sooner or later, will betray them. Observe your next caller carefully. He could reveal things to you that are unmentionable. Fascinating!

There is no second chance for a first impression.

“Published in the Geneva magazine Choc! – january 2020 edition”


Colors have symbolic value.

There are colors that we like a lot and others that we like less.

On the other hand, each of the colors has a meaning and it depends on the context in which it is used.

Red symbolizes love but in politics it means communism!

Black is worn in Europe to express mourning while in Asia it is the color white which is culturally highlighted during such events.

Nowadays, colors have become very important. They are essential for the flags which represent the countries of the world, but also in the sports clubs symbols or for the image of a brand through the logo in particular.

These are therefore the essential landmarks influencing and representing our intuition, our choices, etc.

They are often used during therapy because they can have a significant impact on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.

One thing is certain, purple stimulates intuition and inspiration. Royal assurance, soothing effect and elegance – that’s the purple color.

To make this color, you have to mix red and blue.

Let’s take the example of the flags of the countries to see that no flag out of 195 contains purple!

The reason is amazing; this color was once too expensive. In the old days, it was obtained from a very rare species of snails from the Mediterranean Sea. It would have taken around 10,000 snails to make a single gram of purple color! Sacred purple.

As a result, the latter was as precious as gold. Its use was therefore reserved for royal families only, who were the only ones who could afford it. In fact, in the 16th century, the Elisabeth line gave the order that only members of her family could wear this color and no one else.

To give you an idea of ​​its value, a small amount of the purple color cost a gold bar over a kilo, which is equivalent to EUR 50,000.

Our beautiful purple color only became available to the general public in 1856 when William Henry Perkin, a British university student, discovered the synthetic purple color by pure chance, making it easier to produce. From the 1900’s, we finally find purple also on some flags.

The symbolism of the purple color: dream, magic, mysticism, humility, values.

The psychological effect of positive purple: Sensual, emotional, intuitive, melancholic, selfless, dignified.

The psychological effect of negative purple: Strange, impractical, immature, presumptuous, pompous, dramatic.

What a joy to put this color in the spotlight for this new edition! In the field of image consulting, purple represents a highly recommended color for any style by adapting its intensity, of course.

When to choose a purple outfit?

– If you want or need to express individuality

– Medium to dark tones: professional effect

– To propose a new solution to an unresolved problem

– For rarer occasions, requiring diplomacy

– For an elegant outfit, in the evening, instead of black; charming and seductive effect guaranteed!

When to avoid a purple outfit?

– If your attitude requires restraint and calmness (for example, sale of insurance policies)

– During a job interview for a management position

– Purple has an individualistic and non-conformist effect

– Wearing too much purple can make one think of mourning and funerals

Effects in professional life: imaginative, extraordinary, romantic.

Purple is used for the following services and products: Magic, churches, religion, mysticism, esoteric.

McKenna: “We don’t have twice the chance to make a good first impression”

Creative me and purple,


With love,

Oli Geneva

Here you have worked on your look, color, style with your image consultant and you have determined this new look but how can you stay in this spirit of being happy and motivated to apply the new rules in the long term ?

To be in perfect harmony with your new look, the mission of the day is to boost your mood and your state of being.

Even if your new appearance helps you feel better and you are more confident, you will also have to adapt a lifestyle and behavior in accordance with your new look. This will make you feel stronger, more accomplished, and the gaze of others towards you will only be more admiring.

There are a few rules and tips to follow to harmonize your way of being and that your external image reflects your internal well-being.

  1. Even if everyday life brings its share of more or less serious problems, we must keep high. This positive attitude can only help to get out of these troubles more quickly.
  2. Be active and determined.
  3. If your day is fulfilled, you will avoid thinking about your worries. Get organized.
  4. Get into the good habit of getting up early, even if you can afford the opposite.
  5. Set goals every month: what to change, new challenges to undertake.
  6. Be aware of your current life and therefore act more effectively in the direction you want.

Once your mood is high, now we can work your look:

  1. Prefer bright colors, it gives you peps.
  2. Adopt the positive attitude by remaining Zen even if you are nervous, sad or tired. Ask yourself a minute, blow and smile while telling yourself that it will pass.
  3. Dress up on trend, or outgoing.
  4. Walk with your head high and back straight.
  5. Be proud of yourself and show off your pretty smile.
  6. Always showcase yourself by taking care of yourself, whatever day you start.
  7. Adopt the accessory attitude (habit), which completes your look and makes you unique.
  8. Always keep your own look and above all do not copy others. Get inspiration from others if necessary, but copying is prohibited

Little tip: Wear a slightly sweet or floral fragrance, depending on your preferences, because it will boost dopamine and serotonin. Go through with your goals.

Yes, that summer is over. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already packed my summer wardrobe, heavy hearts.

Here in Switzerland, mornings are cold and evenings are even colder. There are winter collections, coats, skates, boots everywhere in stores. BRRRR

I did a little research and prepared new trends to inspire us this winter.

Welcome the 90s, minimalists, and add a little deadline to it all.

We have a lot of boy-style this season, and generally styles of mixing masculine-feminine combinations are increasingly topical. We are finally becoming equal 🙂

Jeans and 90s style, vintage style remain fashionable.

Jigsaws that go to the ancle, cropped, no underwire, colors: blue, black and white. You can find them literally in every store.

They are great with Balenciaga or Versace style sneakers, with black scrubs and shirts but also thick sweaters. Let your imagination go, these are just a few examples.

The corners, shoulder straps, wrap Big and transparent materials that highlight women’s curves continue this season.

This winter we continue to wear XXL Blazers, plaid or monochrome, velvet or leather, satin, etc.

Leather is indispensable this winter: leather pants, shirts, blouse-style jackets, mini-blouses and skirts, Matrix leather black coats. Borrow pieces from your moms, grandmothers, or take out old wardrobe pieces from one of your previous stages.

XXL, wide and short hoodies can be combined with leather pieces.

Dresses ¾ with floral patterns and in season colors are a hit.

This winter, we women with cool tones will be pleased because we have so many choices when it comes to colors, they have finally thought of us as well; cool red, green, blue colors are so in!

Jackets as I stated above, bombers are the top choice, jeans, leather and wool. Or the ones like a puff in bright colors.

So, this winter we wear long coats, Burberry style, or soldier style, with a deep fold.

Thick jumpers short above the navel or as long as jackets, knit, handmade are still relevant.

Then there is the Patchwork that you wear with sweaters or jackets.

When it comes to pants this season we wear baggy style, cigarette and carrot shape, narrow or wide, all the same.

We wear sneakers with all possible combinations, skirt, pants, dresses, suit. Adidas, Nike, Puma etc.

I love this time because I can hum around the city all day and I am very comfortable.

Get hiking or soldier-styled shoes, the more imposing the better.

Cube-shaped shoes on the front or in the heel area, anything and anywhere just to be cube-shaped.

All kinds of unusual heels come to mind this season, so here’s something interesting for extravagant readers!

Thigh boots are still in the closets.

Sheepskin jackets in the style of sheep with long hair are also a very interesting piece for the coming days.

Fall / Winter 2019 colors: Currant, Merlot, fig, hazelnut, cool green, blue and purple.

There is a lot left in the closets from last season but still do a good cleaning to remember what you have, so; “WE ARE WITHDRAWAL”.

Highlight your waist. Get your hair done and go outside.

With love,

Oli Geneva

My dear ones, big heat is already here. + 35 ° C in the last 4 weeks and you do not know how to, what materials and colors to wear?
As always, I’m here to help you.

First of all, when these high temperatures are at their peak moments, we have to drink a lot of water, so that our body and our skin are sufficiently hydrated.
Do not wear tight clothes in this period, as it is uncomfortable and inappropriate for several reasons, so we are even more heated and sweat is quickly visible.

If it’s hard for you to get dressed in the morning before your daily routine starts, and you work in the office for example so you have to follow the business dress code, here are some tips:

The most important thing is to have the right materials, colors and adequate footwear. It’s also important to cover your head (when outdoors) with hats, caps, or scarves, and to protect your eyes with sunglasses. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring another unparalleled accessory, a bonus for your refined style, the FAN. I see more and more umbrellas for the sunshine in various colors, so if you are up for it, hey – why not!


Choose lightweight and cooling materials, natural fibers, such as:

1. Flax and cotton: During hot summer days, these two natural materials are the best choices! They absorb sweat well and allow circulation of air between your skin and clothing and your body does not overheat. These materials also prevent unpleasant odors for those with sweating problems.

2. Viscose: it’s synthetic silk-like material, it breathes very well like cotton, it’s light and it falls pretty and it looks nice. This summer, dresses and skirts are fashionable and you can find them in every boutique.

3. Silk: natural material. It absorbs moisture well, it cools down, flies, it’s pleasant … Silk does not absorb sweat and it’s very quickly visible that you are sweating. It’s unacceptable for a lady or a gentleman – so be careful with silk! It is best for scarves, wide shirts in colors that do not reveal sweaty parts of the body.. and don’t forget dresses. This year bell pants are very fashionable. Silk cools the body well. You can use it for bed summer linens. SO CHIC! It’s so luxurious, it keeps shape and stays elegant.

4. Jersey: This is a knitted material and also absorbs well so that we can choose for dresses and skirts and blouses from this material. It is very pleasant to carry at high summer temperatures.

I love these four materials and wear them all the time, perhaps exclusively. The quality of linen and cotton, as well as silk, is important, so I always repeat that you should invest more money in quality and basic pieces of clothing.

Be sure to wash them in the washing machine, there are certain programs for washing cotton and flax and special ones for silk. For these materials, I only recommend a liquid detergent, and you can often manually wash some sensitive pieces like silk blouses and scares. If you can afford dry cleaning, opt for this whenever possible.

Material 100% cotton is one of the most sensitive when it is washed and if it is washed to an inadequate temperature, for these peaces the likelihood of deformation is high. Cotton creases easily.

Wash: cotton at 40 ° C, Viscose at 40 ° C, Flax at 30 ° C, Jersey at 30 °.

Before trimming the labels on the clothes, check the washing instructions.

Silk and viscose can be very easy to wash manually, while they are still wet, hung them on the shelves or just spread out on a basket of smooth surfaces. It dries quickly. It is best to shake them lightly before drying.

Materials that I recommend to be avoided in the heat:

Jeans, although this year’s jeans are fashionable, I would not recommend you in these fever because it quickly heats the body and the body reaches high temperatures, unnecessarily. If you really need to wear something out of jeans, opt for short skirts or jars.
Polyester does not absorb perspiration and produces a very unpleasant odor if you sweat a lot
Cordoroy is good for the winter – not for the summer
Nylon anything is NO – you will burn even more of your beautiful, but overheated body
Wool because it keeps the heat of the body

Just as important materials are in the heat, the color is just as important and not just the ones related to the current fashion trends.
Avoid the dark colors: black, brown, blue, olive and choose brighter colors such as white, yellow, pink, blue and coral colors are a good choice for this year.

Before you get out of the house, put the cream on your hands, legs and all uncovered surfaces of the body, especially if you have sensitive skin, select the higher UV protection (np 50+).

You do not have to use perfumes because it can be quite aggressive for the sense of smell. Fresh Cologne water is enough.

When it comes to shoes, pay attention to your feet, especially the heels part and nails area. In the summer, it is advisable to take particular care of the skin on our feet.

Choose sandals, slippers (which are very fashionable this season), tissue shoes, canvas shoes, ballet, etc …

Avoid high heels because you can injure your feet especially if you suffer from swollen feet and sweating.

Save the fine baskets this summer instead of handbags. It’s a great deal at both the sea and the city, and you can actually put literally everything you need inside, especially if you are planning some after the work activities.

For jewelry choose more discreet pieces AND you can add a bracelet on your ankle this summer.

Write me which topics you want to read about in the near future. I am happy to share my knowledge with others because sharing is caring ?

With love,
Oli Geneva



Dear readers,
Summer is here very soon and we are all still a little sleepy.

The sunny weather arrives and with it the floral smells, the pastel and lively colors with the new inspirations. We will recharge the batteries for the holidays and prepare the body and mind for next winter!

Here in Switzerland it is already sunny and I have an irresistible desire to make you a list of MUST HAVES this spring-summer 2019 to refresh your appearance while keeping trendy.

Spring / summer 2019 colors:

– The warm desert tones (orange, red, terracotta, burnt)
– The shades way sorbet (pink, light purple, green power)
– Ultra-vitamin tones (yellow, green, blur, pink)
– The whitened neutrals, up to the delicately faded hues, with glossy finishes
– Beige
– Grey
– Bluish

The essential color of this next season is LIVING CORAL. This color combines easily with black, navy blue, pink and red.

The 2019 prints

– The wild animal trend remains very actual
– The Arty: art well incorporated in fashion, for eg. in maxi cut patterns, recomposed in the manner of a collage, or abstract all over and always colorful
– The spirit scarf thousand drawings
– Stripes with optical effects small or big, it’s up to you
– Graphic Blooms: the flowers put forward everywhere on the skirts

Trends to adopt as quickly as possible:

– 80’s fever- keeled shoulders, inflated or rounded sleeves. These pieces represent the strong and powerful woman, while remaining simple and chic.
– The ethnic trend for men and women
– The bohemian look for ladies and gentlemen

The materials to touch and wear are:

– Fluid
– Natural bases
– Privilege to relaxed and refined
– Mesh net big cotton guipure, fishnet lace.
– The brilliance
– The outdoor tech and hologram effect
– Metallic and glittery moments for the unforgettable evenings
– Plasticized materials gelled to the wet appearance
– The artisanal finishes: fringed, frayed, ropes.

The coins to bet on this summer 2019

– The fluorinated or metallized windbreaker short or long parka light version,
– The jacket 80s, a bit too big
– The long blazer
– The maxi sweatshirt 90s
– Mesh net in tunic sweater and / or dress
– The top with braces
– The floral dress asymmetrical length
– The dress in graphic stripes game
– Asymmetric long striped fluid skirt
– The trapeze midi skirt, buttoned or not, plain or printed
– Carrot and high waist neo-utility trousers
– The combination pants in chic version less utility
– Washed jeans bleached to white
– In emergency, the cycling shorts, to wear concealed under a dress: it will replace the leggings

What we keep from last summer 2018

– For overcoats: the fluid trench mi-length, the blazer, the denim jacket 90’s version XXL
– Top: oversize boyfriend shirt, logo sweatshirt, 90s cropped tops (t-shirt, sweatshirt, shirt)
– Bottom: high waist, belted and 7 / 8th long trousers, high waist mom style wide leg jeans, leggings, a little wide neo-jogging at the bottom and asymmetrical draped skirt
– Utility or printed jumpsuit
– The bohemian long dress or unstructured asymmetrical
– The body and the fishnet tights
– Small bag
– The shoes: the tap with logo, the neo-biker boots, sock shoes, the white boot, Les santiagas, and the white

You are more and more numerous to read my advices and I am delighted to communicate them to you through this blog.
This summer makes me so excited and confident about the future, so let’s share these creative energies and make life full of miracles as it comes, season by season.

Call me to make your image – a shining star.

Yours truly,
Oli Geneva


Recently, a friend of my sister asked me how to dress properly to go to church and look modern.
As with any other occasion, this outfit must be carefully selected.
As I read her message, a clear picture of a woman in a long skirt or below her knees, a covered arm and a headscarf on her hair was already in my head.
When my grandmother was alive, she was almost always wearing scarves and she was particularly beautiful on that occasion when she went to church. These scarves were always clean,
scented and nicely stacked on the tray. She also had special skirts and blouses. I can still smell naphthalene and lavender emanating from her dresser.
Of course, these are just a few ideas – from my point of view. I am very curious to know what you think. Write me, I will read with joy.

Thus, in the Temple, there is a well-defined dress code, already well known for men and women.
Unfortunately, this is hardly mentioned anywhere. Sometimes we are told that someone has not been allowed to go into the Temple because of inappropriate clothing.
These rules are clear in Russian and Greek temples. We will see the Russians and Greeks covered, modest and well covered pray.
This is not always the case here.
First, we leave clean at the temple. Body and hair should be an introduction to the preparation of this spiritual work that we are going to work on.
A perfume is not used. Discrete makeup is allowed but without lipstick. Clothing should be clean and ironed.
It is above all a part of the work on yourself and the concern for yourself. Take the time and make the effort necessary for this ritual.
I am, for example, in favor of my grandmother’s method, that this outfit must be ceremonial and specially selected for this occasion. After all, we do not go to the Temple every day to work our soul and our spirit, do not we?


Women must be decent, which means they look modest and discreet. No clothing should be transparent or reveal parts of the body, including hair.
Choose closed type shoes. The colors should be discreet, but of course, choose the ones you like.
Here are some examples of outfits I selected for you:

1. Long skirt or under the knee. Tights 20 DIM or more
If you do not like skirts, choose a wider pants (skirt pants)


2. Long dresses. Complete the outfit with a sleeveless dress with a bolero or sweater
3. Blouses without cleavage, be careful not to be transparent
4. Silk or corona shirts

5. I would also add sweaters
6. Scarves, turbans, etc. It is important to cover the hair

7. Closed shoes – ballerinas, court shoes, mary jane, T-strap shoes, orsay shoes, trotter, court shoes.
Boots – boots, boots.


8. Handbags can be worn according to your fashion preferences and I suggest handbags, reduced sizes and discreet colors (envelope handbag, bamboo handle, accordion bag, box bag)
9. Jewelry is not necessary and you do not wear sunglasses, even if you are a celebrity or you have dark circles.

The phone should be off. We do not shake hands or speak in the church. We are here to work exclusively on our spirituality and strengthen our faith.

If you have a form of celebration: weddings or baptisms, where part of the ceremony takes place in the temple, adjust the attire accordingly.
and change later in short skirts, discover your arms, the cleavage, put on lipstick, etc. It is inappropriate to come dressed in this disrespectful manner in the Temple.


To be dressed, shaved, clean and sprinkled.
Do not wear shorts, sweatshirts, shirts or short sleeves, caps, hats, slippers, sandals and sneakers. Do not wear sunglasses and your phones should be put in silent mode.

Choose a suit, a shirt with long sleeves. Ties are also welcome, if you want to complete the top look.


Of course, choose to look elegant and decent.
You represent your family!


Your assets are not outside: knitting the hair, put gold or dress various dresses, but: a warm human hidden with a decorationintacte de votre esprit calme; (1 Peter 3: 1-5, Bible-sacred).

I hope that I have awakened your imagination and that you have more willingness to work on your appearance to go to church, as you do when you go to a municipality, a college or the court.

Tell me your inspirations.


Color, quality, time, shopping, budget … everything is important if you want to have a quality and pleasant base for your wardrobe – the basis of your style.

Throw away worn, torn objects that have lost their color, too small and too loose.

Color is very important. Choose colors according to your season and wear your own color scheme when shopping.

The quality of the clothing materials is very important. Always choose quality, it will last a long time and you will look good in all circumstances.

Hygiene, a healthy life and a neat appearance is the presentation of your personality and / or your person.

If you need help to redo your wardrobe, determine your season (colorimetry) and your color palette, or simply to assist you during your shopping sessions, contact me and we will make an analysis that will make you happy 🙂

List of basic items for a complete male wardrobe:

1. Sports pants
2. Jeans (blue, gray and black)
3. Tailor: pants and jacket (dark blue, gray or black)

If you need to be more dressed at work, make sure you have several costumes and change by season, never stay without a suit in these cases.
The bright colors on your color chart are the best choice and you can easily combine them.

4. Vest: the necessary piece for stylish men, which you can wear with a suit or jeans (for the bravest).
5. Leather jacket (black, brown). It’s up to you.
6. Denim jacket.
7. A warm winter jacket of your choice.
8. Coat (darker color).
9. Summer jacket (more vivid colors).
10. Sweaters must always be of good quality because they can be seen immediately when they are not (in the wrong way). Buy different colors in coll V or U.
11. Buy t-shirts regularly and have more colors and different cuts.
12. Shirts: white, light blue, light gray, with or without patterns. The basic wardrobe must have at least 4.
13. Short sleeve shirts, if you want 🙂
14. Short for the summer
15. Shoes: black and brown or gray MANDATORY COLORS
16. Sports shoes
17. Shoes: for a casual everyday variant
18. High shoes (boots) for the winter
19. Moccasins (flat shoes) of your choice.
20. Colorful socks, short and long. If you’re wearing the costumes, it’s important that you do not see the skin when sitting down
21. Belts (at least two pieces, of different colors)
22. Bags: a backpack and a work bag
23. Make sure the ties are of good quality and opt for a colored and a monochrome
24. Scarf (scarves or scarves) in all possible variants, will make excellent accessories in any season
25. Hat, caps, etc.
26. Jewelery: a sports watch and another classier one (finer) that will fit perfectly with the costume
27. Leather gloves – excellent quality.
28. Underwear. Kelvin Clein really does phenomenal underwear, find out! The quality here is most important.
29. Perfume

The list is long but you already have a half of it, surely. If you change everything, proceed slowly to replace the items in the list. All in order to replace with quality things. Once you have all these basic pieces and you know your colors, the seasons will change and you will appreciate the image you send around you!

Dear men, let me know if you have any ideas or if you want me to write things on this free blog.

Best wishes in this beautiful winter season.

Happy Holidays.

Oli Geneva

In previous articles, I wrote a lot about women’s style, and in this blog, I will focus on the man style AT LAST. I work with you too. Welcome to my blog.

By this occasion, we will talk about your costume, how to choose it and what to pay attention to.

First of all, the question arises as to when you choose your costume, is it a business suit or you want to look spotless at a party or event? To be in perfect harmony with your style, pay attention to the following:

Set a budget that you are willing to spend on this costume. The higher the budget, the better the quality will be.

Always focus your choice on natural material that allow you to have a better maintenance option and be able to reuse the pieces of it later. A good quality material doesn’t retain bad smells, wrinkles less and fall better.

The shoes and the belt must be the same color.

The handkerchief is chosen in relation to the jacket or shirt and not to the suit.


When choosing your jacket, it is very important that the size of the epaulets is perfectly adapted to your constitution, because you will look like someone who stole his suit in a smaller or larger  version than the one that really suits you. To be sure of your choice, make the shoulder pads slightly beyond the end of the shoulder, which allows to achieve an elegant appearance.

When you get up, always close the jacket and leave the bottom button open. Thus, when you sit, the buttons must be open (you can discreetly open them when you approach the chair).

The choice of jacket type depends on which body constitutions you have. There are jackets with two, three or six (cross buttons) buttons.


It is important to wear your vest close to the body, the last button is always opened and the vest covers your belt, a little.


As for the pants, you can choose one that is classic with the fold along the legs or without the fold.

The length of the pants is also important and it must not exceed the heel of the shoe. The edges must have only one fold. I do not recommend short men to fold hems.


The color of the socks must always be darker than the suit and the length has to reach the knee, so that the skin is in no way visible. To have a style means to look great but also to feel free and comfortable.


It’s up to you to choose the quality and the color of your shirt. However, if your costume is patterned, the shirt should have only one color and vice versa. It is also important that the last button of the shirt is opened. The shirt should always be put in pants. The cuffs of the shirt should be longer then the ends of the jacket by 1-1.5 cm. The collar should also be in harmony with the length of your neck.


The pattern and color are chosen according to the size and the color of the costume. It is important that the tie is tied in such manner so that its end touches the belt strap.

The tie pin must be in the width of the tie. Be careful not to put too many accessories, as this may seem inappropriate and unattractive. So you can for example use a pin (which is used to hold a tie to the shirt) or a handkerchief but not everything at the same time.

The overall appearance should not show more than 3 colors.

When wearing a business suit, always choose the basic colors: black, brown, navy blue, dark gray. With this appearance, you will have a serious appearance that inspires reliability.

For any question or for colorimetry analysis, please contact me using the form at the bottom of the home page.


Dear readers,

This is the second part of the previous blog explaining the colors and why they are important for your overall image.

I will explain how you determine the appropriate colors according to your skin – colorimetry. Of course, this is a global and theoretical explanation that can’t be used without the appropriate tools and qualified professional. My goal is to introduce you to this analysis, as well as explaining to you how the image consulting and more precisely, in this blog, how colorimetry work.

We usually start with a consultation that includes colorimetry and lasts from 1h to 1h30. These minutes include: the introduction, a brief explanation of colors, draping (professional name to determine the appropriate colors using scarfs to put undernith your face and with other parameters come to conclusion of what are your personal colors).

At the end of the consultation you get your complete file with your color shades and explanations, as well as the color scheme. All this is included in the price of the service “colorimetry”.

Consultancy prices depend of the consultant and where the analysis is done.

When it comes to colorimetry, it’s very important to determine if your skin is of a cool or warm tone.

People whose skin is in cool tone contain blue and pink hue and the second group, which belongs to the warm tone of the skin include the golden orange hue.

When we determine skin tone or temperature (cool or warm), the next important step is a type (intensity) of color that enchases our skin in the best possible way. This is the time when we use scarves and we will do several combinations to find the right ones for you. Some will contribute in showing all your irregularities on the skin and with others, you will shine bright like a diamond. I love this part!

In this section, we also have important division for the seasons: winter (ice, clear), year (pastel, sweet), spring (bright, clean) and autumn (rich, deep). In the end, we will also determine the color of the hair and the color of the client’s eyes.

On Youtube you can find some explanations on the functioning of these analyzes, but you can not determine your own color palette on the Internet, because you need both equipment and the qualified person in order to be successful. Inevitably.

Of course, whatever type of person we belong to, we can all wear a red color, but it’s a question of intensity and type that suits YOU best. This is a key analysis. Like a cherry on the cake.

The colors autumn and spring are less contrasting than the colors of summer and winter. For example, I am a cool type, winter shades and my colors are: white, beige, dark grey, espresso brown, black, night blue…

Each person has his own skin hue, its hair, its eyes that we can not change. There are a million possible combinations. So how can we, by ourselves, know which colors in particular suits to us?

After this session, you will know YOUR personal colors for make-up, accessories, clothing, shoes, etc.

With the color chart that you get at the end of the analysis, you get a sample of about thirty basic colors that will serve as a base to choose a range of colors among billions, that will make you irresistible any time of the day and in every situation.

It is very important that we work in the day light and not under artificial lighting that produces a scenic and cheap effect.

Example: Look at how stars look like with a ton of make-up on TV, they look all polished on TV, and when you see them in person, they are not even close to what they look like on TV. They have big teams preparing them to go in front of the cameras, why not have that one person that will take care of your image for your everyday life? After all, the most of our time in life, we spend in our natural “state”.

To sum up: our skin will look tired, yellow or blue and if, like many, you have dots, scars and pimples on your face, you can only expose them wearing unapproved colors.

When we analyze the tone, you will not wear make-up, glasses nor accessories. Clothes and hair are covered with a white fabric, so there would be no other color that could misleads us when we make color choices.

My dearests, write me if you want to know more about my work and how we can work together to work your image. I will be happy to answer your questions.

Be careful when you get advice!