Fashion for fall / winter 2019

Yes, that summer is over. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already packed my summer wardrobe, heavy hearts. Here in Switzerland, mornings are cold and evenings are even colder. There are winter collections, coats, skates, boots everywhere in stores. BRRRR I did a little research and prepared new trends to inspire us this winter…. Read More

10 essentials for perfect make-up

This time, I’m going to talk about 10 essentials for the makeup bag, that you apply every day as a basic makeup. This makeup is also enough for the evening options, just add an intense color eye shadow. Today I share my list with you that will help you purchase the makeup you will always… Read More

Fashion trends spring-summer 2019

Dear readers, Summer is here very soon and we are all still a little sleepy. The sunny weather arrives and with it the floral smells, the pastel and lively colors with the new inspirations. We will recharge the batteries for the holidays and prepare the body and mind for next winter! Here in Switzerland it… Read More

Dress code in the Temple?

Recently, a friend of my sister asked me how to dress properly to go to church and look modern. As with any other occasion, this outfit must be carefully selected. As I read her message, a clear picture of a woman in a long skirt or below her knees, a covered arm and a headscarf… Read More

Our hair

My dearests, This time I would like to take into consideration the importance of the hair care. To look fabulous, it is clearly not enough to have a nice body and expensive clothes, but the tremendous difference between looking amazing and looking “cheap” – is the care you give to your skin and your hair…. Read More

Basics for a male wardrobe

Color, quality, time, shopping, budget … everything is important if you want to have a quality and pleasant base for your wardrobe – the basis of your style. Throw away worn, torn objects that have lost their color, too small and too loose. Color is very important. Choose colors according to your season and wear… Read More

Men and their costume

In previous articles, I wrote a lot about women’s style, and in this blog, I will focus on the man style AT LAST. I work with you too. Welcome to my blog. By this occasion, we will talk about your costume, how to choose it and what to pay attention to. First of all, the… Read More

Colorimetry – Part II

Dear readers, This is the second part of the previous blog explaining the colors and why they are important for your overall image. I will explain how you determine the appropriate colors according to your skin – colorimetry. Of course, this is a global and theoretical explanation that can’t be used without the appropriate tools… Read More

Colorimetrics, what is it?

My dears, This time I would like to explain to you what is the colorimetry that, among other methods, I use to determine your style. The study of color has preoccupied many scientists and teachers, starting with Isaac Newton, Joannes Itten and many others. Man distinguishes between 200 and 300 different colors while the computer… Read More