My dears,

This time I would like to explain to you what is the colorimetry that, among other methods, I use to determine your style.

The study of color has preoccupied many scientists and teachers, starting with Isaac Newton, Joannes Itten and many others. Man distinguishes between 200 and 300 different colors while the computer recognizes 33 million!

Are our favorite colors well suited to us? Do they reduce or emphasize imperfections on the face, accentuate dark spots, dark circles? Does the skin look tired or is it pompous and elastic? Are our eyes small compared to the rest of the face? Simply, what is the overall impression when a look is put on us – that we are old and tired or, on the other side, we have nourished skin, hydrated and fresh complexion?

If you’ve ever had this kind of feedback, or if you’ve ever thought about it by looking in the mirror, it just means you’re not wearing the colors and materials that work best for you. What a pity !

That’s why I’m here to help you and little by little, get to your advantage – at any time of the day!

Each person sees the same color differently. We often choose colors based on how we feel that day and they reflect our inner state. So someone who is melancholic, will always choose dark colors, which may not match their true style, skin, hair.

The choice of colors for which we decide depends on age category. While we are small, we choose soft colors that are imposed on us through the toys and the wardrobe. In teenagers, we choose shades of gray, black, usually closed colors and after 30 we start having “our colors” that we love and wear often.

The color effect also varies depending on who wears it and the situation in which it is used. The color can be symbolic, for example: “you are red like a tomato” and it can also become the representative color of a culture, for example green is a sacred color among Muslims and in the case of Europeans it is simply associated with nature.

In Switzerland, in the field of image consulting, we use the color theory that Joannes Itten found and transmitted. It consists of a 12-color chronometric circle that helps to connect types of people with colors. This circle is divided into warm colors and cool colors. Vibrant colors are composed of yellow and orange tones, while cool colors have blue-pink tones. This is the starting point for determining the type of color for a person. Later, the school of fashion and beauty uses the Ittan method by analyzing 12 colors and harmonies of colors, then, in the end, theories that include the seasons – 4 seasons were developed. This is just a quick introduction to colors.

I used to be skeptical about the analysis and the importance of color in style but when I started to learn and apply these methods, it was clear that these are more important of the style. The colors we wear have the same importance as hair and makeup. I am a perfect example proving that hair can totally change the overall appearance of a person. When, after almost 20 years of blonde hair, I heard my teachers say that it was not my color and that everything would change with brown hair, I was surprised. The power of habit is tremendous. But when I finally decided to start, the environment began to compliment me. Comments like: “you changed”, “you look younger”, “wow, you look good today!”. I was totally convicted.

To summarize: what does one get with the colorimetric test and applying this method to our style?

  1. Our complete appearance changes for the better
  2. We get a younger and fresh look
  3. We reduce small (or large) complexes because they take second place (are less obvious)
  4. The shopping is optimized and so is you spending
  5. A sense of self-confidence that we spread around us
  6. Even when you’re not wearing makeup, you look good.

Do not be afraid that your favorite color will not suit you. The secret is in the shade (4 seasons).

It is a test that every civilized person really needs to do once in their life, because it removes all the false beliefs that we have been assimilating for years.

Once – forever!

With each colorimetric test, you will receive your personal file and color palette (included in the price of this service) with which you can easily shop and / or shop online. You always get tips for hair color and makeup.

That’s all for the moment, dear readers.

Enjoy the summer,