Yes, that summer is over. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already packed my summer wardrobe, heavy hearts.

Here in Switzerland, mornings are cold and evenings are even colder. There are winter collections, coats, skates, boots everywhere in stores. BRRRR

I did a little research and prepared new trends to inspire us this winter.

Welcome the 90s, minimalists, and add a little deadline to it all.

We have a lot of boy-style this season, and generally styles of mixing masculine-feminine combinations are increasingly topical. We are finally becoming equal 🙂

Jeans and 90s style, vintage style remain fashionable.

Jigsaws that go to the ancle, cropped, no underwire, colors: blue, black and white. You can find them literally in every store.

They are great with Balenciaga or Versace style sneakers, with black scrubs and shirts but also thick sweaters. Let your imagination go, these are just a few examples.

The corners, shoulder straps, wrap Big and transparent materials that highlight women’s curves continue this season.

This winter we continue to wear XXL Blazers, plaid or monochrome, velvet or leather, satin, etc.

Leather is indispensable this winter: leather pants, shirts, blouse-style jackets, mini-blouses and skirts, Matrix leather black coats. Borrow pieces from your moms, grandmothers, or take out old wardrobe pieces from one of your previous stages.

XXL, wide and short hoodies can be combined with leather pieces.

Dresses ¾ with floral patterns and in season colors are a hit.

This winter, we women with cool tones will be pleased because we have so many choices when it comes to colors, they have finally thought of us as well; cool red, green, blue colors are so in!

Jackets as I stated above, bombers are the top choice, jeans, leather and wool. Or the ones like a puff in bright colors.

So, this winter we wear long coats, Burberry style, or soldier style, with a deep fold.

Thick jumpers short above the navel or as long as jackets, knit, handmade are still relevant.

Then there is the Patchwork that you wear with sweaters or jackets.

When it comes to pants this season we wear baggy style, cigarette and carrot shape, narrow or wide, all the same.

We wear sneakers with all possible combinations, skirt, pants, dresses, suit. Adidas, Nike, Puma etc.

I love this time because I can hum around the city all day and I am very comfortable.

Get hiking or soldier-styled shoes, the more imposing the better.

Cube-shaped shoes on the front or in the heel area, anything and anywhere just to be cube-shaped.

All kinds of unusual heels come to mind this season, so here’s something interesting for extravagant readers!

Thigh boots are still in the closets.

Sheepskin jackets in the style of sheep with long hair are also a very interesting piece for the coming days.

Fall / Winter 2019 colors: Currant, Merlot, fig, hazelnut, cool green, blue and purple.

There is a lot left in the closets from last season but still do a good cleaning to remember what you have, so; “WE ARE WITHDRAWAL”.

Highlight your waist. Get your hair done and go outside.

With love,

Oli Geneva