How to continuously apply your image coach’s advises

Here you have worked on your look, color, style with your image consultant and you have determined this new look but how can you stay in this spirit of being happy and motivated to apply the new rules in the long term ?

To be in perfect harmony with your new look, the mission of the day is to boost your mood and your state of being.

Even if your new appearance helps you feel better and you are more confident, you will also have to adapt a lifestyle and behavior in accordance with your new look. This will make you feel stronger, more accomplished, and the gaze of others towards you will only be more admiring.

There are a few rules and tips to follow to harmonize your way of being and that your external image reflects your internal well-being.

  1. Even if everyday life brings its share of more or less serious problems, we must keep high. This positive attitude can only help to get out of these troubles more quickly.
  2. Be active and determined.
  3. If your day is fulfilled, you will avoid thinking about your worries. Get organized.
  4. Get into the good habit of getting up early, even if you can afford the opposite.
  5. Set goals every month: what to change, new challenges to undertake.
  6. Be aware of your current life and therefore act more effectively in the direction you want.

Once your mood is high, now we can work your look:

  1. Prefer bright colors, it gives you peps.
  2. Adopt the positive attitude by remaining Zen even if you are nervous, sad or tired. Ask yourself a minute, blow and smile while telling yourself that it will pass.
  3. Dress up on trend, or outgoing.
  4. Walk with your head high and back straight.
  5. Be proud of yourself and show off your pretty smile.
  6. Always showcase yourself by taking care of yourself, whatever day you start.
  7. Adopt the accessory attitude (habit), which completes your look and makes you unique.
  8. Always keep your own look and above all do not copy others. Get inspiration from others if necessary, but copying is prohibited

Little tip: Wear a slightly sweet or floral fragrance, depending on your preferences, because it will boost dopamine and serotonin. Go through with your goals.