Image and Style Consultant
Together, we work on your new style, image and energy you emit in your every day life. We also work on colours you should be using, accessories, we define your shape, perfect hairstyle and make-up.

Image for women, kids and men
We change your overall styling. We choose clothes that are adapted to your personality, shape, morphology and style.

Wedding preparation
Do you need help with choosing the right outfit for the bride and groom? I can help you get the best out of the preparation for the best day of your life. We can also discuss about the “weeding package” that will allow you to get a theme dress-code and include help for your guests and family.

Clothing advice
If you never know what and where to wear, you feel lazy to select an outfit or you are not interested in fashion at all but you want to take care of your image. I can help you with selection, choice and final decision for an occasion (marriage, cocktail, work meeting). I advise you about shoes, clothes, accessories. I will give you few tips to look trendy by any occasion.

Wardrobe makeover
Do you need to make a serious tidying in your wardrobe? I will do it with you, so you can have a very handy, well organised one, that will give you much pleasure to open and quickly choose your outfit for the day.

Shopping Assistance
You don’t always have to be annoyed when you go to the shopping! I will get a “best friend” cape and follow you from store to store so you can get best possible outfits and accessories, adapted to your personality and budget.

One day of shopping in London
I organize one day of shopping for you and I follow you in carefully selected boutiques/shops, according to your budget and style. We prepare a specially tailored offer for you.

Professional Dresscode
Your work image is also very important. We can define it for you, so you can fit into your work environment and look all spiffed up when showing up in the company.

I am working anywhere in the world.