How will we work together on your new style?

In this blog we will approach the theme of style determination and what can you expect from me in the field of consulting in conception of image.

First and foremost is to emphasize that everyone has a (interesting) style. For some people, their style is very clear, while others have blockages because of their complexes or personal beliefs (due to the environment, habits, etc.).

Working on style can start from the age of 15 years. Before that, the style can’t be clearly defined, which is due to the shape of the body or the child’s priorities etc …
Everyone is born with a style that is inextricably linked to that person’s personality. Style has to be built and often changes over the years.

It is very important to acknowledge that if you buy expensive things, it does not necessarily mean that it is stylish and therefore you have a style. On the contrary, people often think that if they buy a branded wardrobe, the art of styling is over.

Nowadays, we face problem where people are watching and copying celebrities. Stars are our role models, but be aware that this way, you can loose your personal identity.

A proper treatment would be to get inspired by celebrities or buy some pieces but never copy everything! They are on scene and dressed very specifically because of the lights, scene image, the effects and the message they want to send out.

Now, what is an image? This is the overall appearance of one person: attitude, clothing, speech, silhouette, colors and motifs that she/he carries, hair, makeup, accessories etc.

Working on the image is to work on everything above for the sake of better representation of yourself, for the purpose of adapting the style of a person to a particular purpose.

If you feel that something is missing in your style or you literally do not know what your style is, let me know and I will be glad to help. How?
During our meeting, after getting to know you, you will have the opportunity to see that I work according to the method of 6 different images of women, and 5 images of men.

Women styles: extravagant, sporty, classical, feminine, natural and coquette.

Men styles: classical, adventurous, sporty, natural and aristocratic.

Thanks to the table-sheet that accurately determines the shape of your face and its parts, the shape of body parts, etc., we come to the conclusion of the leading style for you determined by your personality.
Of course, there may be more of them that are leading at once and they can also change depending on the period of your life.

Be original. Be yourself. Have your own style. Stand straight when you walk and lift your head, watch people straight in the eyes when talking or when you are shaking hands.

Remember that the weight, money, trends, etc., are factors that absolutely have no effect on whether you are a person of style. Be who you are deep inside, have fun getting ready and wear what you love.

Faithfully yours,