Dear future optimal shoppers,

The key of every successfully achieved job is PREPARATION. The same applies for the shopping that must be planned and carefully prepared especially if your budget is limited. Either you are doing it because of ongoing seasonal sales or special occasion, take a closer look on this serious mission because it involves several things: you invest your money, it is time-consuming and the clothes that you buy will be part of your life and environment for some time.

Most of the time we go shopping out of boredom, after work, quickly, while we are tired or nervous. Please, stop doing this without analyzing your wardrobe situation before.

The list that I prepared down here will help you avoid unwanted investment of money or time and the unsatisfied feeling about it.

  • First of all, when you go shopping, make sure you are in a good mood, you are rested and you have enough time to do it. I advise that you make sure you dispose of at least 3 hours of time. Take a bottle of water and make small breaks to clear out your thoughts.
  • Most important: make a list of clothes you truly need or at least the type of articles you are after.
  • Be alone or with a person that loves shopping and is honest and straight-forward when you ask for advice that, by the way, you value.
  • You should determine the area of action or make a list of shops you want to visit.
  • Your outfit should be light and easy to put on/take off to save time and nerfs in the cabin.
  • Be aware that your shoes are extremely important, so they allow you to feel comfy while your shopping takes more time then expected. After all, this is supposed to be a relaxing activity.
  • Set a budget for the day. Don’t take all your credit cards with you, it could be dangerous.
  • Never buy something only because it is cool, or because it looks nice on someone else or on the model. It is absolutely necessary that it suites YOU perfectly.
  • Always try on the clothes before you buy them. However, if for some reason this is not possible, make sure you know the return policy of the shop you are in. Again, you do not want to waist your time or money.
  • Have a look at your list from time to time. You know, the list. Don’t forget it.
  • Never buy something just because you like it and you don’t need it right now. This is the quickest way for overloading your wardrobe.


During the sales season, try to go shopping in the morning because the shops are tidy and you will have more choice.

This period is suitable to buy bigger and more expensive articles. For example:






These are the perfect periods to make this type of GOOD DEALS. These are the only exceptions to the previous rules.

For everything else, stick to the list above.

Have fun!