My dearests,

This time I would like to take into consideration the importance of the hair care.
To look fabulous, it is clearly not enough to have a nice body and expensive clothes, but the tremendous difference between looking amazing and looking “cheap” – is the care you give to your skin and your hair.
When it comes to one person’s image, the visual moment is crucial (visual – image – makes sense). In general, we tend to look into a person’s head and more  precisely – in the eyes. So the hair that is a part of a visual moment of the head is the first thing we look into.

Just make it look like you are a person that takes care of the hair. In the following lines, I will try explaining and give you some tips to make sure your hair always looks spotless.
Hold on a moment, no, I am not a hairdresser but in my domain, we take particular care of this subject. It is truly unavoidable to look good.

1. Pick your best products:
– Always choose the quality
– Use products that feel good on your sking and hair (texture, smell, the feeling on the hair and the skin)
– Don’t listen to your friends, but ask for advice to your hairdresser , they can help in picking the right product for your hair type. No matter what, after the information gathering, make your decision alone because you will make the best choice since you know exactly what effects things or products have on you. And we are all different.

2. Hair washing:
Wash your hair as often as it is needed to have perfectly clean hair in ALL circumstances! Please, don’t go on an appointement with a greasy hair just because some people repeat that you shouldn’t overwash your hair. I am aginst this assertion because we live in a modern time. I wash my hair all day and I still have it. I take the most care of it and use only good products. It only depends on you how you look.

3. Hair care:
Use hair masks, once per week, either as a homecare or at your hairdresser’s. Gently massage the roots as often as you can because it stimulates the blood flow and overall, it feels like heaven. Never allow yourself to have dandruff, hair loss problems or itchy head skin. If this occurs, visit the dermatologist straight away.
Currently, my favorite mask is a white clay mask that is very easy to prepare and must stay on the hair only for 15-20 minutes. I recommend it and you can find them in any drugstore.

4. Hairdresser:
Visit it for a cut at least every 2 months for women and every one month for men. This is particulary important if dye your hair. Haircut must follow the shape of your face and your face traits and  features. A hair is a great ally in showing your best face parts.


Speak frankly and openly to your hair artist but be serious about the outcome that you want to achieve. Even if it is easy, don’t let the hairdresser decide for you, because she/he will choose according to THEIR taste. First, it is not at all easy to make that choice and secondly, after all, you will be the one to wear it and take care of it, so make sure you love it! Of course, use their precious advice to make the best choice.

It is crucial to be honest with them. Going to the haidressers is also a great therapy, giving you that fresh instant glow and shiny hair.

If you are looking to define the best color and the type of the haircut for you, I am at your disposal to work together on it. Relax, we are taking care of you 🙂


Oli Geneva