My dear ones, big heat is already here. + 35 ° C in the last 4 weeks and you do not know how to, what materials and colors to wear? As always, I’m here to help you. First of all, when these high temperatures are at their peak moments, we have to drink a lot […]

Dear readers, Summer is here very soon and we are all still a little sleepy. The sunny weather arrives and with it the floral smells, the pastel and lively colors with the new inspirations. We will recharge the batteries for the holidays and prepare the body and mind for next winter! Here in Switzerland it […]

Recently, a friend of my sister asked me how to dress properly to go to church and look modern. As with any other occasion, this outfit must be carefully selected. As I read her message, a clear picture of a woman in a long skirt or below her knees, a covered arm and a headscarf […]