Gestures have a precise meaning that we do not necessarily know.

Unconsciously, they can have a positive or negative impact on the relationships we have with our interlocutors. Also, knowing their secrets can help us improve and harmonize our image.

In fact, communication takes place through language, but also through small revealing gestures often taken unconsciously. More than half of the message you want to convey will come from your actions, your facial expressions and not your words. This type of communication relies on the eyes, of course, but also on body language in general.

To analyze your gestures and determine if they are positive and beneficial or, on the contrary, if it is better bodily, here is the meaning of the most common gestures:

1. Framing or holding his face with his hands, elbows on a table reveals a character, dreamy, imaginative, thoughtful or intuitive.
2. To bite your lips is the desire to seduce or to taste a dish.
3. Running the fingers over his lips refers to a stressful or manipulative character.
4. Crossing one’s arms signifies an easily influenced and sensitive character or detachment from conversation. Crossing your arms while holding your biceps reveals a need for protection.
5. Throwing your hair back is a sign of being opportunistic or narcissistic.
6. Wiggling her hair reveals a dreamy character or a sign of boredom.
7. Scratching the back of the head is a sign of doubt or mental calculation, and the sides of the head is sign of sadness or grief.
8. Scratching the right part of the forehead feels like wasting time, and the left part a character taking refuge in the imagination.
9. Supporting one’s face at chin level with the fingers or fist of the left hand corresponds to a nervous character, the same with the fingers or the fist of the right hand to a committed character.
10. Scratching the right side of the nose means misunderstanding, and the left side of the nose means questioning.
11. Rubbing the backs of the hands while talking is a sign of nervousness or lying.
12. Looking up while explaining something reveals a sense of discomfort or inventiveness.
13. Looking away from the other person corresponds to shyness or a feeling of discomfort.
14. Gesticulating hands while speaking reveals an expressive, theatrical, extroverted character.
15. Hiding his hands means a feeling of discomfort or secrecy.

Even those most experienced in non-verbal communication will not be able to hide these gestures which, sooner or later, will betray them. Observe your next caller carefully. He could reveal things to you that are unmentionable. Fascinating!

There is no second chance for a first impression.