“Olivera was engaged as my stylist for a demanding project related to visualizing my professional activities in the area of lifestyle and health. From the beginning, and throughout the project, Olivera has shown great enthusiasm and ambition, and the quality of her services and her invaluable experience in the area of styling and fashion produced… Read More

“Once, Coco Chanel said : Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love! Beauty comes when fashion succeeds ! I found this two things thanks to you Oli. Working with Oli was a great experience! She can choose a dress and other clothes based on your body type that will end up highlighting your assets while… Read More

“It was a great pleasure and real joyful moments that I shared with Oli while she introduced me to colorimetrics. Attentive and professional, she explained me the importance of colors and accessories in fashion but without being pushy with her opinions. Eversince I have had this experience, I am a lot more aware and attentive… Read More

I don’t know how to start explaining how much I love what Oli is doing. She helped me brake some stereotypes that I was unaware of. I finally know what shapes and features are good for my silhouette, the hair color and hairstyle and accessories that look fantastic on me, particularly. I will never go… Read More